January Transfer Rumors


Way to go for the “squad planning”. Munir in the summer… a shame!

You could be right Brian, it would probably mean that Silva is sent back… we don’t have the balls to become a big team, simply put.


Getting Munir on a free isn’t bad business imo.


I like the Munir signing. There’s talks that he could even come in this month. If he doesn’t, I definitely wouldn’t want Morata, although Sevilla is the place where players rediscover their form. I’d rather Batshuayi tbh. The Jovetic rumours play with my heartstrings, but I’m afraid he’s too injury prone.

Elsewhere, the Bailly links are a joke. But it tells me a CB is coming. I reckon we might even sign 2. All depends if Gnagnon stays.

All i know is there’s a lot of games to be played. It’s almost like a brand new season. This will be a crucial transfer window.


Luis Muriel, speaking of his transfer, says he can’t wait to get back to the football he understands. Well I’m afraid you’ll look a bit out of place in the school playground Luis.


Hahhahaha… nice one


Bailly for 40 millions ?!


Do we even have 40m? I’d like to get him but that seems like a lot.


Bailly would be ideal for us, proven in La Liga and at 24 years old has his prime ahead of him, he is also in the age bracket of 23-27 where we shockingly do not have a defender, so it makes sense on many levels, but it’s said we can’t afford his weekly salary of 75,000 pounds so Man U may need to pay a fair bit.

Which brings me to the disconcerting news that we really want to go for Morata, he has been an absolute disaster this season and his wages would surely surpass the 75,000 for Bailly so I’m wondering if the board would really want a soft and misfiring striker whose only contribution so far is a shocking 1.9 offsides per game (leads the premier league). What would this mean for Silva? Just get back Carlos Fernandez and have this be done with, the striking partnership is the only thing that’s been really clicking this season so let’s keep it that way. (I also want the rumored Morata - Higuain swap to happen and see how the latter fairs in the premier league).

Batshuayi can piss off, he rejected us twice and was made to sit on the bench behind Rodrigo of all players, he can see this season out and I couldn’t care less.

Another new name is Jorge Mere of Cologne, at 21 he has been playing pretty well and we should have snapped him up seasons ago, he has a clause of 10M that will go up to 30M if Cologne get back to the Bundesliga (which at this stage is almost a must).


You mentioned Carlos Fernandez. What happened with players from Sevilla Atletico ?

The last fairly good player from our B team is Fazio or Perotti.

Do we have talent players anymore ?


I don’t want Morata, He still has too much of that arrogant, far superior R Madrid look about him for me.


We have Pozo on loan at Granada, he’s good. We have Carlos Fernandez on loan to Deportivo and he’s doing OK. We also have Pejiño who could be great, plus Curro and Lara who are decent, but Sevilla Atletico were abandoned as an investment project by the club about ten years back, it was a miracle that they managed to get into the second division and once again they’re struggling in 2B.

When Fazio and Perotti came through, so did Diego Capel and Crespo. Since then there have been Sergio Rico and David Soria, Campaña and Luis Alberto plus others that never transferred to the first team like Alberto de la Bella Madueño who played 10 years for Real Sociedad from 2007, and Bernado Espinosa who is with Girona.


I don’t want Morata either. Also have doubts about Jovetic.


Yea, i’ll pass. Even tho he scored a brace this game. But still, i’ll pass.


The brace was off a tap in and a wide open header. I’ll pass as well.


So Villarreal just nabbed Iborra for 15 million euros, you read that right, 15 freaking million euros. In this inflated market that is an absolute steal, and one we could have easily afforded. He is well liked by the fans and provides a physical and aerial presence as well as box to box control, sure he may not have the silkiest skills but come on we should have definitely gone for him.

And what about us, we are meeting Morata’s agents over a supposed move, I am at a lost for words…


Yeah, but Iborra is now 31 years old and we are already one of the oldest teams in La Liga. Also players like Iborra, over 30 years, want 2-3 years long contract, to ensure themselves and all those players who are coming from England have a lot bigger wages than in La Liga. He wouldnt go to Leicester from Sevilla. Dont forget Medel from Sevilla to Cardiff.

So I do not think he will be very useful for us right now, we need creator who can replace Banega when needed.

As for the Morata, I think that is almost done deal.


Loaning Morata without a buying option would be nuts… this kind of deal doesn’t make any sense at this point.

Around 12 million or so just in wages until June… screw that.

The management should focus in the midfield, but they don’t really care do they?


Reports say we’re paying around €6M in wages. Either way it sounds absurd for only 6 months time. I hate these “babysitting” type loan deals, but Machín must really be keen on getting another target man.

To give Morata the benefit of doubt, maybe he’s best playing in a two-striker system? Not as prolific, but he was a very competent striker in Juve’s 3-5-2. Lmao i hate making excuses for players, but a lot of strikers get written off, but a lot less teams play with 2 up front nowadays.


I can’t imagine we are going to pay the total wage. Also, we have to have some cover up top. Lot’s of games to be played with only two strikers on the roster. Not sure this is the right guy, but January is always tough bringing in true quality without a “rental” type deal.


I don’t want to loan him, buy him or have anything to do with him, his confidence is shot; all it takes is to give two similar performances like that against Nottingham and the fans would riot, they have suffered enough seeing Muriel do the same if not worse. His wages also don’t make sense.

If you want to loan, why not go for Schick, he’s 22 and also has his confidence shot, but at least has some physical presence. We are also not linked to a single midfielder, though if losing out on Iborra means we can get Trigueros or Joan Jordan I would see some sense.