Eibar Away - La Liga - Week 22


Sandro’s playing left wing. It’s the same 4-2-3-1 Montella has used every match.


Nico’s gonna get sent off. He fouls on every single Eibar clearance.


We need Navas on for Pareja before he gets a second yellow.

Posted at the same time jolazo lol


Yeah, Pareja looks on the way to a red card. Let’s see if Banega makes the difference.


help us Ever Banega, you’re our only hope!


Lets face it nothing is working.

Nzonzi jumps like a frustrated child, he plays his first forward ball of the game and gets upset that nobody anticipates it.


I’ve seen enough


For fucks sake


shocking defending… Pareja standing like a statue whilst Lenglet played the assist

Total lack of cojones to a man in this team today… we didn’t fancy the cold and wet and only one team has shown up so far



That was novel. We get a throw in, Sando races forward to receive in the attacking half, Nolito rolls the ball back to Sergio Escudero to take the throw, he decides the ball is going further back and somehow it ends in our net. Good stuff.


we have deserved all we have got, and this could get worse


Turned it off. One Liga win from our last eight. Embarrassing stuff


The sun is out and it’s now warmer on the terrace than in the house so I’m taking a book outside rather than watch any more of this crap.


good call Brian, I’m at work so nothing better to do than watch the last few horrible moments


This ref has fucked up like 7 handball calls today


What a fucking disgrace



This is horrendous


Flashscore showed 4-4-2, also technically we signed Sandro for a striker.


We even lost the h2h aggregate with Eibar, which will be a disadvantage as we’re fighting for the 6-7th positions in the table.

Not very optimistic that we’ll keep the 6th.

It isn’t Montella’s fault for this one, he gave the newbies a chance and couldn’t know that Pareja was too inept at CB after a long pause. Pareja should never start again (bench player at best) and Lenglet should have some cold water thrown in his face… he was sleeping through the entire match today. Any other match that Rico plays in the shirt of Sevilla is a huge sin for this beautiful sport.

WBY was also crap.

Let’s hope we don’t get embarrassed from Leganes on Wednesday.


Fault on Castro and Arias. Nearly every signings in the summer are failure including coach, looks like failure winter signing too.

Montella need to go in the summer no matter what. Still the same shitty Motella as every Milan fans agree.