Berizzo Diagnosed With Cancer


Well damn. I feel like an asshole for saying the mean things I said about him in the first half. Let’s hope this is a minor issue for the man and his family.


Seems like he announced it at half time…


Oh God! I hope it’s nothing serious. That’s terrible, fingers crossed it’s benign and early stage so can be treated


Very sad to hear this news and to begin the day with. One good thing according to the report is that the cancer was found in the early stage, and research shows that the survival rate for prostate cancer is great, meaning he can carry on living a healthy life and do his job without worrying too much, all because of early stage diagnosis. 98% of the people diagnosed in early stage live 15+ years after diagnosis, which is great.

Hopefully he will not have any complication and can continue the work, or return to work as soon as possible. After what happened last night, the team should be more united and should give 100% in every match, fighting hard for this shirt, and honor Berizzo after all for his trust in the players. If it doesn’t work out well, then screw it, just an average Sevilla season, we’re used to this.


You didn’t say mean things about Berizzo as a person or as a human being, but as a coach, so you condemned his professional work, and there’s nothing to worry about. I was calling for his head too, but when thinking a bit more clearly, can we really change anything immensely if we change the coach? Not sure if that can happen even if we get Ancelotti or similar… so let’s give him a chance till the end of the season if he’s healthy and ready to carry on. If it works out and we do something remarkable this season, then great. If not, meh… we’re used to this, at least we’re having great emotions when this team plays. Health is the most important of all, other things come and go.


Don’t feel bad Chris, it was the wrong starting 11 and a miracle we could turn it round with a couple of changes.



Berizzo is having surgery tomorrow. His assistant Ernesto Marcucci will take over in the short term.


Successful surgery. No timetable yet on how long he will be away.