Appraising la liga 2019-2020

Who could have predicted all that, the most bizarre season probably since the civil war.

What marks would you give Sevilla?

President Pepe Castro gives his first team something of an 8 out of 10, ‘because there’s always room for improvement’. He then goes on to say that a five minute conversation with Lopetegui convinced him that he was the right man for the job.

Castro continues that he’s unconcerned about not having a regular goalscorer because the number 9 should bring equilibrium and help the side defensively.
Has he drunk the Lopetegui kool-aid?

Real Sociedad must be upset about losing their 4th place after the restart, especially all the Champions league money. But nobody nose-dived more than Betis. Villarreal were astounding, at one point gaining 19 from 21 points, before eventually running out of steam.

I thought Atletico Madrid would do better but their changes haven’t quite come together.

But overall, I’d give Sevilla a 9 out of 10.


I’d also go with 8 out of 10, but not like Castro who wants to sound modest while deep down feeling that we were 10 out of 10 this season. My reasons are: lack of a proper CF and doubts in Lopetegui, things that Castro doesn’t consider as issues unfortunately.


Not sure how he can consider Lope an issue. He got us into the Champions League with the second best defence in the League, and we could still win the Europa League. He achieved his objectives really.

I would say 8 out of 10 too, would have been a 9 if we managed Third.

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I think 8 out of 10 is fair. He has built a solid defensive foundation, where everyone has bought into it. He often made the right adjustments in-game, as well as the right subs, which is encouraging.

Offensively, there’s still a lot to be desired. We generate good moves occasionally, but we give ourselves a hard time to beat opponents. And our home form needs improving. Need to restore the RSP into a fortress. Teams were getting points here too easily.


I don’t like our football, it’s not what I prefer to see, but if it gets results what can I say?

I have actually warmed towards the manager, I doubted his man-management and thought it would be a disaster but I was wrong. Still not 100% convinced though.

Another thing about the season was we had very, very few injuries.


8 out of 10, the feat of reaching 4th with a thin defense and misfiring offense is immense in itself. Still not convinced by Lopetegui but he has earned the right to start the season from the dugout.

This is encouraging, the lockdown might have helped a bit. It’s usually in the second half where the European games lead to fatigue buildups and niggling injuries.


I think i only just realized how much i disliked it during the 0-0 at La Real. Boy our football is boring! :joy: :sweat_smile:

If i weren’t a Sevilla fan, i doubt i’d be watching any of these games. Maybe that’s why people were calling us the new Atlético? :hushed:


I’m in the same boat, looking at the results I would rate it 9/10 very satisfied. I think, the more towards the end of the season, the more confident I became that we were gonna get the points and could accept our playstyle. Where we somehow make the goals happen even tho we don’t have a real goalscorer, various players stepped up to the occasion. Which was great to see. Lope has made some good subs for sure, no complaining from me in that aspect in general. Even towards the end some games our attacking possession was better, not only on our half something we also do great haha our possession is up there after Barca and Real. I would rate our play on the field a 7, I was gonna say a 6, mostly for lacking attacling intensions and creativity, but if you consider is based on a solid defense which we can only be happy about I have to up my rating. Since I have applauded the boys at the back a lot this season as defending is an art as well.

On average an 8 as well from me. Contrary to my initial believe I have grown warmer to Lope as well. But also curious of the next games and pre season I need to see in which direction things will go.


I’d give us a solid 8 out of 10.

You can’t argue at 4th and a CL place and still the Europa League to fight for. Nor can you at our exceptional defensive effort. There haven’t been many seasons where we’ve got 4th in the last 10 years and reached 70 points.

Lope’s football isn’t what I would like to see but it gets results and that’s what matters. Only improvements are would have been nice to get 3rd but we missed out on goal difference and also offensively, we need something more going forward so I disagree with Castro on that one.

Lope rightfully gets to start next season as manager.


Can anyone dig out the prediction thread for the season? I have had a look and can’t find it.
I’m sure I was way out with my predictions, but it would be interesting to look back on who came close.


And myself worse, If I remember. But it wasn’t a normal season, my predictions would have come true if not for the interruption :sunglasses: