A Look at the Sevilla FC Players in the World Cup 2018


Caparros is our new sports director. I’m really happy for him and I think this is the best possible choice. Nothing better than appointing someone who has Sevilla blood running through his veins.


This basically says that if Liverpool win, Sevilla FC gets a cool 1Million Euros.


I agree, a great move! Keep it running through the veins of the club. It’s how we stay united and never stand down.


I heard that he is director but not sports director🤔


Director of all fútbol related events. They will be hiring a sporting director.


This is going to play havoc with my schedule for beach and fishing


I’m back in England for the summer, my fishing season starts on the 16th of June so it looks like some very early starts are called for in order to be back in time to watch a few of those games. :grin:


Sat 16th is going to be tough, France at 12:00 noon, Argentina at 3:00 p.m., Peru at 6:00 and Croatia at 9:00. Will prepare beer and snacks early morning.

I converted from coarse fishing to sea fishing about 10 years back, if the fish isn’t suitable for the griddle or frying pan, it goes back in the water. Where do you go fishing Brian, I used to go to Norfolk/Cambridge area as a youngster, and later on the river Trent below the Burton weir for the specimen Carp and Barbel.


I do most of my fishing on the Lincolnshire drains these days, there’s still some great nets of roach, bream & tench. to be had. You can usually have miles of bank to yourself now that most anglers have migrated to the man made carp puddles.
I still make a few trips to the Trent around Newark now and again for a change for some chub & barbel. But it’s not the same river that it was during the 80’s & 90’s when all the power stations were pumping the warm water in. We used to fish it 2 or 3 times a week back then, it’s now gin clear most of the time and the fishing is much harder than it used to be.



Seems that he will play in the WC, confirmed by him.


Interesting information Brian, even though I’ve no intention of going back. Have you tried Metheringham fen, it was full of tench but first you had to drag off the surface weed, and if you caught anything small you’d often have a monster pike on for a few seconds. I can’t put up with the matchmen and those with too much equipment, so like you I’d seek out the places they didn’t go.:+1:


Jose Mourinho thinks Nigeria will upset the group leaving Croatia out



Edited to add the current Golden Boot leader! Denis Cheryshev