What did you have for Lunch?

With all of us spread all over the world, I thought this would be a fun topic to see what everyone ate for lunch and how the cuisine and eating habits are different from country to country.

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Today I’m having homemade roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, Old Bay spiced shrimp and an side salad.

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Nice thread Chris.

My lunch today was similar to this:

They’re called “Qebapa” in my country’s language and there are a few decent stores that make them perfectly.

Of course, it’s not recommended for daily consumption as it is high in calorie and cholesterol, but when you’re really hungry and want some good red meat mixed with pepper and onions (inside the mixture) and a nice salad, can’t go wrong with Qebapa’s. They’re best accompanied with yogurt.

As for the eating habits, in overall I eat 2 big meals a day and either 1 other smaller meal sometimes, or a couple of snacks throughout the day, including fruits.

I currently weigh 93 kg’s, and my weight didn’t vary much during 2017, as I didn’t make any effort to lose it really, nor gain more. I stay active through once or twice a week 6 a side football matches, but a bit lazy and no time for the gym. Will definitely need to join one soon though.


Left over Venison in a stew with potatoes, same as yesterday, bought it two weeks ago in a little village in the Sierra of Sevilla called Alanis (didn’t she have a couple of hits?)

BTW good news on Berizzo, back on the bench tonight.

You Oughta Know!

I love Venison - I wish it were more apparent here in the US in restaurants.

That looks amazing!

I could go for that ShendM. It looks great.
Far better than the Ham & tomato sandwich + an orange that I had today. But I have gone from 87kgs down to 75kgs this year and feel a lot fitter for it.:yum: Still I’d love to sneak in a Qebapa, or two if the opportunity arose.


There are a lot of stores that serve them here in Prishtina, but only a select handful that really know the trade and have been in this business since at least the seventies. The non-fancier the store, the better the quality of the local food in overall. I have found this to be true even in Italy when visiting Rome, Milan, Venezia etc.

Qebapa’s resemble grilled sausages, but way more delicious. Kind of like meatballs, but this particular shape and the ingredients used by some of the most renowned producers makes one addicted to them.

As for the amount, usually what is considered 1 portion and fills up the average person is 5 Qebapa’s, however, I am usually quite hungry when I order them so I eat 10. My personal record is 15 in one meal, but not recommended :slight_smile:

P.S. To clarify, Qebapa’s can be found in butcher shops to cook at home, but ideally they should be ordered at a grill-house, where in this case is called Qebaptore. They also serve other grilled meats, usually red meats like sausages, beef etc., but the most ordered food remain Qebapa’s.