Valencia is Loading Up

Kondogibia joined today on loan. Talks of three additional arrivals.

Hmm… seems that the top 4 battle will be harder than ever before.

Villarreal with Bacca also. Good for La Liga I guess… but not that good for us if we don’t finish off the matches like vs. Espanyol.

regardless of the money they have available, they looked ok in pre-season started to play better and be a bit more organised.

But the overriding problem for Valencia is not the squad, it’s the club that is ill.

There’s a disconnect between the owners the executives and the football strategists. Having Gary Neville as a trainer, because Lim was a buddy, is the best example, another is paying 25m for Enzo Perez and selling him for 5m. Dani Parejo wanted to sign for Sevilla he was so unmotivated.

I’ve never seen players less motivated than Valencia under Peter Lim, just looking at their faces you can see they need Prozac. It’s a disaster, lipstick on a :pig::pig::pig: thank goodness with the money they’ve got.

Apparently Valencia is now interested in Jovetić, and this will now force us to make a move to avoid another Bacca situation. As much as i love him, a 3rd DM should still be the priority over a 3rd striker. I’m sure we’ll see more concrete transfer news after the playoff 2nd leg.

I thought that Jovetic had already turned down Valencia, but for sure we’ll know by late tomorrow because tonight’s game is the decider.

Can’t wait to get this stupid tie off the head and focus in the things that matter. Screwing up tonight would be disastrous, but pretty sure we can control a 1-2 away win against a very inferior team like Basaksehir.

A CF, DM and LB and we’re good to go. Would be insane if Valencia snatches Jojo out of our hands, unforgivable for the management.

Would be a pretty sweet deal to pay about 10 million euros total for Bacca loan with no obligation and Jovetic at discount price…looking at you Sevilla board

Valencia throwing names at the wall to see what sticks I think. they have there name in for lots of folks.