UEL Matchday 3: Sevilla vs Dudelange [2019-20]

Thursday, October 24th, 2019
1500 EST / 2100 CET / 0500 AEST

Another European night at the Pizjuán awaits us as we confront 4-time defending Luxembourg champions, F91 Dudelange. They are the first team from their country to reach the group stage (last year), and won their first ever group match in Matchday 1 vs APOEL. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them a warm welcome to one the fortresses of Europe?

The EL will be the competition for fringe players to get their minutes. For such a new team, it’s crucial to have these extra matches to get players to gel. This time around, Lopetegui has managed to include Sevilla Atlético midfielder Pepe Mena in the squad.

Perhaps what is lacking the most is how comfortable the players are with each other. Hence, the 1-0 result on the weekend, as well as in the previous matchday vs APOEL. Thankfully LdJ broke his duck on Sunday, and can hopefully now finish chances confidently. Another win here and we’ll be close to clinching top spot in the group.

¡A por ellos!


Would like to see Pozo and Bryan play tonight and of course a convincing victory, hope it’s not another 1-0 and switch off.

Dabbur’s 1st start! :open_mouth:

What the hell is going on with Munir now?

I think Munir’s inconsistent. Perhaps Lope wants to reward him when he shows him something else. I always preferred him off the bench anyway.

But he hasn’t even been in the squad for the past couple La Liga matches.

He was great in the preseason as well.

Tough love.

It’s something like an 11 that don’t really fit together, or a dogs dinner, to put it politely.

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Dubbar looks great imo so far.

Looks like a victory with a bag of goals for Sevilla, no need for so much touch, no need to wear down the opponents, just get the ball forward.

Lopes no bueno. :frowning:

Oh dear, what tactical impotence. Get your act together Sevilla, this is easy.

Didn’t get on the scoresheet, but i like what i saw. More execution needed surely, but i’m sure the goals will flood in the 2nd half. Their defence is getting overwhelmed.

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Mudo!!! Great movement leads to a cross from Torres that finds Mudo wide open for the headed goal!


Goooool por Mudo!
I’m loving Vázquez again. :smile:

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50th minute and Luuk is off already. Has Lopetegui seen the light? :open_mouth:

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That’s Mudo 4th or 5th header in the box now. Homie needs to practice those.

Nice to see Lope giving others a chance tonight. Especially Dabbur and Rony Lópes. Plus we deserve to be winning. Vamos!

I was just about to ask for this guy, and here comes Bryan. Let’s go!