Thoughts on the forum?

I couldn’t get the other forum to work nicely with Wordpress so I switched to Discourse. It’s a little more expensive to run, but I think it will work well. I’m in the process of learning the software and will hopefully do some styling in the near future to make it more appealing. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.

The forum looks good so far. I’m not quite used to this type of forum, connected also to the blog through posts, but the good thing is that we are gradually transitioning to a forum.

I’d like to have us in an isolated forum (eg. and have a lot of topics, sub-topics etc. to discuss. However, we don’t have a lot of members currently… the active ones are what… around 10 or less, something like that? We need more user-base, and I’ve seen a lot of English commenters in the English version of Sevilla FC Facebook Fan Page (switched lately from the Spanish version to English, didn’t know the feature before), and they haven’t heard of MM. I was trying to advertise a bit indirectly the other day, but not sure if I’ll be allowed from Sevilla’s FB page admins to do that in the future

Thanks ShendM. We are trying to utilize the blog as the method of delivery for previews, major announcements, etc and have all commenting, and none specific post go through the forum. This forum has it’s own URL - and will also be at (redirected to the You do not have to go to at all if you do not wish to.

As for the style and layout. The barcaforums reference will be a good idea to model from. I’m starting to create multiple categories to structure the chats. As we grow, I’m sure the categories will grow.

As for the Sevilla FC Facebook page. Feel free to suggest Monchis Men. I know the social media guy. If he gets annoyed, he can yell at me. :slight_smile:

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I like it Chris, gives much more room to discuss a variety of topics in different threads instead of everything being all over the place in one or being of unsure where to post.

Would be good to get more members though!

I’m sure it will grow. It will take a little bit of time.

I was trying to get single sign on working earlier and ended up locking it up. I still want to get this working, but will try to do it on a down time haha.

Hi, the forum looks good. Will it be compatible with Tapatalk? It makes things easier particularly on mobile.

Hi Gerry,
So far there is no integration with Tapatalk nor does it look like it is on Discourse’s roadmap. What does Tapatalk provide that would make it easier?

It’s just a useful app where you can go from forum to forum that you frequent.

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Thanks Gerry, I’ll check into it and make a request. If I have time soon, I can see what is involved in an integration.

Could be a good idea to put a post on monchismen forum letting everyone know of the new forum etc. Seems like not everyone has come across?

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Is there a way for blog accounts to transfer to the forum without requiring registering?

There will be. I’m trying to figure out how to do single sign on. right now it’s broken though.

Looking good Chris.

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Forum looks great! A Champions League worthy look so now let’s win our playoff!!

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