The Latest La Liga Lowdown Discusses the Sevilla Three-Peat

I join for a few moments to discuss each final. This is a great episode for Sevilla fans to reminiscence.

A bit comforting hearing this after yesterday’s debacle. Hearing names like Gameiro & Vitolo… so bittersweet now. They came up clutch tho. :sweat_smile:

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I watched the Benefica match in full and the highlights of the others to jog my memory. Our counter attack with Vitolo, Gameiro Reyes, Bacca, Coke, Vidal, Mariano and Moreno was spectacular under Emery.

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As much as he’ll possibly never play comfortably at the RSP again, the way Vitolo dribbled thru that Liverpool midfield for our 2nd goal always hits me. :weary:

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Vitolo always came up with key goals and plays. A shame he completely fucked it up by acting like a complete c*** when he wanted to leave. :neutral_face::roll_eyes: