The Final Push - Real Sociedad - Home - La Liga - Week 36

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What a terrible season this has been! Despite getting further than anticipated in the cups, even making history in the Champions League, we have had to endure one of our worst league campaigns in years.

The pain has been compounded with the upheaval of two managerial sackings, and some absolute hammerings on the park (we currently have -12 goal difference). None more painful than the 3-5 proverbial kick in the stones by a resurgent Real Betis, who now officially lord it over us in La Liga with Europa League qualification already assured for next season. To their delight Beticos finally have the bragging rights after such a long wait, something that must be rectified sooner rather than later.

All in all it has been a season to forget for sure, and yet in true Sevilla style we still have a chance at salvaging something from it, with one last push for Europa League qualification.

The 4 games that remain contain no trips outside of Andalucia, and we have no cup distractions to get in the way. These two facts are about the only positives we can take at this very moment. Oh and of course, and no more Montella in the dugout, who let’s face it was worse than Berizzo.

The club has decided to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL once again, and we are left for the remainder of the season with enthusiastic volunteer Sevillista Joaquin Caparros, who is someone we well know from his time

  • H- Real Sociedad - tonight
  • H- Real Madrid – next Wednesday
  • A - Real Betis – next Saturday
  • H – Alaves – the weekend of the 19th
Realistically 6 points is the absolute minimum return we should expect from these final 4 games, which would leave us on 54 points, which I doubt will be enough to secure a return to Europe next season.

As Caparros says though, let’s take it one game at a time and see what happens.

One thing is for sure though, 3 points are absolutely vital tonight, with the performance not mattering one bit. Win at all costs, or what is left of our season is as good as over.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!



I’d say 9 points out of 12 if we want to hope for the 7th and 10 for the 6th (Villarreal has 2 very tough matches so who knows).

However, we lose this one to Sociedad tonight and we’re out of EL.


Great post Jonathan! VAMOS!!!


It’s always a roller coaster with Sevilla. It’s been insufferable at times and ecstasy at others. But it had to happen, don’t take it too bad, Real Madrid have been out of the top 3. We made the quarters of Champions without embarrassing ourselves against Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester United.

The season is over, I think the big question should be ‘what if Caparroz is crap?’

And I have a list of players I want to keep for next season, it’s a very short list. Not that I want to sell everyone else but I wouldn’t be too upset to see them go at the right price.


Another freakin Tornado has just gone up the street bending the orange trees over, it’s been the strangest year. I got some photos of the lightning strikes two weeks ago using fastburst camera app. The window wide open and POW the tablet took 23 photos in response to the movement and flickering light, one photo shows the strike with the image being bright daylight with blue sky, the last photo is like a misty night, the mist being vapor from the strike, incredible.

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Wow! Sounds crazy, and kind of sums up Sevilla this year. Nothing makes sense! :joy::rofl:

This team tonight is also a MASSIVE departure from Berizzo and Montella

4-1-4-1 I think we are playing, Sandro the main man up front!

Roque Mesa the holding midfielder

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This isn’t going to work I fear… too many changes to personnel and system, almost impossible to make it work at such short notice

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Yeah I’m all about making changes but does Roque Mesa and his 72 minutes this year really help us right now? Does benching our two forwards and starting Sandro do anything when he hasn’t done anything all year? Not saying it’s the best solution but maybe give a chance to WBY the 2nd highest champs league goal scorer?

you could see N’Zonzi dropping deep naturally… Banega too, he doesn’t know where to be in his new role

This is a mess

0-0 at best tonight, if we win it will be a miracle

Gooollll Banega from the penalty spot

Let’s hope we can build on this

well I said before it didn’t matter about the performance, and that is exactly how it panned out

1-0 with a penalty, the only way we looked like scoring

Early days, but if we play like that against Real Madrid and Betis we will struggle…

on the plus side we looked more composed at the back, but perhaps that was down to the lack of goal threat from our visitors. Time will tell, but for now THREE POINTS is all we wanted and that is exactly what we have.

Very important 3 points tonight. 6 more to go and we’re playing EL for the next season!

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where do you think the 6 points will come from?

Ideally, we’d avoid the drama and get them in the next 2 matches, but realistically, we can only get them through Betis and Alaves.

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That was today? Everything ok?

Yes, that was 4-1-4-1 formation with Roque Mesa threading the long balls thru in place of Banega. It’s the best place for Mesa and Banega up front looked twice the player.

Caparroz passed the test by identifying some of the deficiencies, putting Mesa there and going with Sandro. Not sure about the substitutions though.

Most important were the points and confidence, second important was the clean sheet.

What I liked most was that we continually interrupted their play by robbing possession.

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No reports of damage, must have been a mini tornado.

We were sitting enjoying a coffee outside a bar when the wind suddenly hit, chairs and tables started skating along the pavement and the waiters rushed out to lower the large umbrellas before they took off into orbit.


I swear we got some high winds right around the same time. The power had flickered off, some streetlights don’t work, and even some trees have fallen. Haven’t heard about any injuries or anything so far. Crazy.

As far as the game goes, I like the pressure we applied early on, which created some near chances for us too. But like y’all alluded to, the only that mattered from this match was the 3 points. We didn’t play particularly great, but not too bad either. And thank heavens Mudo didn’t start. Mesa looked great, but way too early to tell whether that midfield trio is the right one. As long as we beat Betis right?!

All in all, it’s a good start to Caparrós’ short stint. I’ll take boring wins like this no problem.


Villarreal at home to Valencia. An away win vital for us, and Valencia could still catch Real Madrid in 3rd so hopefully they have everything to play for.