Summer 2018 Transfer Rumors

Figured we would start a new chat for the Summer transfer rumors that are already happening.

First one up that I have heard is interest in Oliver Torres from Porto.

Yaya Toure rumored to have signed a pre-contract with us. Also, Hebei China Fortuna has rescinded M’bia’s contract so he has returned to live with his family in Sevilla.

If we’d be able to get both M’bia and Yaya as N’Zonzi’s replacements, that would’ve been awesome. We could sign both of them for 2 seasons, with an option of 1 more for M’bia… why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Yaya Toure will be 35yrs old by the start of next season. I hope this rumour is wrong :astonished:

Experience counts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Barcelona have identified Sevilla defender Clement Lenglet as a summer transfer target, according to reports in the Spanish press.

Other reports say there has already been talks between the players agents and Barca and that Lenglet has been told not to renew his contract with Sevilla.

Lenglet performed quite well for us this season, but this is probably the first time that I couldn’t care any less for any departures. It is already known that some of the veterans like Navas, Banega, Mercado etc. won’t leave, so I really don’t care for the others, including N’Zonzi. He is an important player, but not irreplaceable, none of the current players are actually.

The disastrous performance in the league, the frequent debacles with manitas, the approach of the second leg vs. Bayern etc. have all disappointed me to the point that I really think that this team needs some fresh players and this is definitely the first time that I’m not resistant to changes (starting from the coach and the goalie).

I agree Shendm, the irrational league form is a worry and we are back to where we were maybe 4 / 5 years ago where we became very easy to beat for no obvious reason.

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I think we have to hang on to Lenglet unless they get crazy money for him. He’s been solid and could eventually become a captain on this club. Since we will more than likely under go another coaching change, I think it is important to for once hold on to our core producing players.

N’Zonzi will probably go and he should if that is what he wishes. He’s served us well and his willingness to forget the past (Berrizo) and continue to fight for this team will not be forgotten.

I don’t trust that Arias is the guy that will make the best personnel decisions for this team. I think it is most critical that he and Montella are shown the door.

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I have a strange feeling that replacing Monchi will be like replacing Sir Alex at United — there’s no such thing. This team is in need of stability, but still a lot of personnel needs to change. What’s the solution? For one, I say we target more Spanish talent, as they’re more likely to stick around.


And promote and play SAT stars.

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No Sevilla in the US this summer. Their games are in Europe. Stupid Bayern Munich and stupid Manchester City are playing each other here in Miami

The team needs a serious rebuilding for the 2018-19 season (hopefully EL football is included).

We urgently need:

  1. A new manager

  2. A new goalie

  3. A new attacking midfielder (can’t stand Mudo anymore, sometimes he doesn’t resemble a professional football player)

  4. A new striker

  5. A new / some new wingers (Sarabia runs a lot but doesn’t do much, plus he needs 5 chances to score 1 goal. Correa is a spoiled teenager with nothing much to contribute. Nolito is too old and rusty to do anything meaningful, Sandro cannot even control the ball well and Navas is better at RB, though we still need a new RB).

  6. A new fullback (preferably RB, but Arana hasn’t convinced to replace Escudero, he’s not even better than Carole, so perhaps another LB would do)

  7. A new CB (whether or not Lenglet leaves)

  8. A new DM/CM (N’Zonzi will leave and not sure if Mesa will fill that spot, we need another one just in case)

Lots and lots of changes. This is probably the first season after 2013-14 that I don’t mind anyone, literally anyone leaving from the team. A lot of embarrassment and lack of balls both from the coach and the players.

I really missed Medel last night, after that 5-0, he would’ve at least went for a hard tackle and get a red or something, he at least had passion within him.

Once Mercado stated that: “I cannot hurt Messi because I wouldn’t be able to get back to Argentina”, I immediately knew that the Argentines have already surrendered and chickened out, what a shame.

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