Squad list for Manchester



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just as we feared, not one right back available :frowning:

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Well, at least we have Mercado. Who, in my personal opinion, plays way better as a CB than as a RB. But it’s something, I guess… :sweat_smile:

What the hell is going on with Carrico? He’s been out a long time.

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Yeah that’s worrying. I’ve seen him on the bench in a recent match once, but not sure if he’s 100% ready to play or anything.

Arana will play left back, with Escudero moving across to right back, personally i’d have gone 3 centre backs and have Nolito and Escudero on the right and left of midfield as wing backs

If Mercado plays right back, thats definetely a weakness. I also think the first 20 minutes of the game will be very crucial

Just hope we cause a massive upset. Sick of all the Man Utd glory hunter fans thinking they have this won comfortably as soon as they drew us… they are everywhere!


You think Montella will make that big of a move? Escudero has never played the right side as far as I could find. I wish we would go three in the back and have Escudero and Sarabia as wing backs. That’s a bold move too I guess. I think he will play Mercado at RB and keep the same shape. This manger doesn’t seem to be one with big balls in my opinion.


I was told they were trying it in last training session before flying out to Manchester, not sure he will do it but it’s something Montella has looked at…


And yes, I have my reservations about his man management style also, seems to be a problem with Sevilla coach’s and players that speak out or question him.
I am not convinced he is the right man to lead us to bigger things again…but I hope to be proved wrong!


We’ve not had a manager with big balls since Emery unfortunately!


Wish we had Emery Era counter attacks for this game!


Agreed. However in our coaches since Emery’s defence, they all could at least win an away game in the league

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Read and retweet pls:


Told ya, no balls :frowning: