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1-1 at HT. Good one scored by Kjaer, Banega with the corner kick assist.

MKD can’t add anything worthy to the team, and Rico is steadily becoming a liability for us. A very insecure goalkeeper and whenever the ball gets in our box or heads towards our goal, I am terrified.

Hoping for a win tonight, which would be 3 golden points. We can definitely do it, as we are at least 1 level above Spartak, but perhaps we’ll need Navas and Muriel in the second to finish the business. Still nothing worthy from WBY.

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MKD almost scored a brilliant goal. I missed most of the first half and I’m having issues with my login on the forum so I’m using this one right now. Oh well. Vamos Mi Sevilla - let’s get a win!

PS. Liverpool up 4-0

Tim, starting to feel your pain about Rico lately.

Great possession there. Their keeper is standing on his head .

How the fuck did that not go in?

Was that a PK? I thought so live

That’s just cruel.

Defense give up? That goal was pathetic

damn we are not good

WBY doesn’t deserve this shirt. Berizzo would be better off sacked before it is too late.

The team this year is very very average including Berizzo.
Navas and Nolito show why they sit still on the bench at city and they are getting old and i don’t think they will be good buy.
WYB you better stop think called by national team and find the next club.
I am just hoping for round of 16 and top 4 finish and Berizzo go after season end.

With Valencia on top form, top 4 is almost theoretically impossible. We will need to fight hard with Valencia, Betis, Sociedad and Villarreal. Bilbao might join the fight in the meantime as well.

As for CL, we will now have to beat Spartak at home (after tonight we’re not favorites anymore) and beat Maribor, while hoping Spartak will drop points vs. Liverpool so we can get the second place.

We have the players for a way better game. There are no well thought out tactics. We are almost always relying on luck, and now luck has ran out. It is also resembling the dreadful 2010-2013 era where we were relying on Navas, Perotti etc. (only wingers) and there was no proper build up play. Also we had one average striker, Negredo, and other poor ones like Diawara etc.

Now we have a 25 million euros striker while the genius Berizzo prefers a Toulouse-level striker for a starter and having the most minutes. Beyond fucking ridiculous. WBY might shine in Segunda Division not in La Liga. He can’t be blamed as he is used to tap-ins and easy set ups for scoring, also used to easy opponents with pathetic defending, but whenever shit hits the fan and things get tough, he either disappears completely or misses some absurd chances that make him look like a total amateur. Also he is pocketed by the opponent defenders (above average teams) very easily as he is physically weak and not that fast. Yet Berizzo rewards him with a starting place and most minutes. Since when are rusty strikers rewarded? I thought Muriel was doing good especially after that match vs. Malaga… but obviously not according to the genius.

What the fuck happened in the 2nd half?

I think you are a bit harsh ShendM. I know this loss is frustrating, but Sevilla were very fluid and dynamic and created a bunch of chances. Now those didn’t work out because their keeper and D played out of their mind blocking shots.

The thing that let us down in this game was the defensive midfield, defense and Rico. The fullbacks got caught many times too far up field, Pizarro is no N’Zonzi and Kjaer looked slow with the injury from Saturday. That choice not to find additional cover at CDM really hurt us tonight as Pizarro was at a crawl in the second half.

Even with all of that, we are still in decent position for Champions League advancement. I don’t see us hanging on to fourth this year in La Liga with our lack of depth and poor finishing.

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Basically we are shit. I could elaborate but now is not the moment.

I think the Liverpool 7 goals away victory showcase how average we actually are.
I would not be surprise if we got mashed by 3 goals by Liverpool at RSP.
And if we draw city at round of 16…? La liga will show that their duopoly strategy starts to payoff when premier league teams really make wise use of their money in previous summer.

These players have to start finishing their chances. They were in great position today and should have had a 3-1 lead before the on slot of goals. I blame them not Berrizo. Sarabia, Escudero, WBY, Nolito, MKD all missed great chances to put us up 2-1 which would have changed the game for good.

Why isn’t Muriel given a starting chance with all the back-up he can get after that fantastic performance vs. Malaga before international break? Can’t blame anyone else but Berizzo on this.

Also N’Zonzi’s absence is immense. Didn’t know that we could miss him this much.

5 chances and 5 goals
It all came down to the two goalkeepers in the end. Theirs played the game of his life and Rico had a complete nightmare.I would give him some bench time
I know that some of you rate Lenglet but in my opinion he’s a complete waste of a shirt, he gave them their first goal and Where the hell was he for the 4th?
WBY can only do tap ins and when he does try anything else he has a shot on him like an 8yr old girl.
As for Berizzo he’s starting to get me worried, I thought that Sampaoli tinkered with the team too much but Berizzo seems to be making changes just for the sake of it, plus some of his Substitutions are a joke. Why take off krohn dehli who was our best player of the night when we needed WBY to be replaced by Muriel and correa to replace either Escudero or Sarabia ?

That will do for now, I’m off for a beer and try to calm down a bit.

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Something even worse than bad subs are late subs… I hate coaches with 65th+ minute first subs when clearly the match needed subs right after they were 2-1 up. 3-1 and then you make subs? Doesn’t make sense.

Also agreed on Lenglet. We discussed here that he is not very well aware of his surroundings and needed to work on that, but I really thought way better of the Kjaer - Lenglet pair. Now we definitely know that the reasons for the teams not having even shots at our goal are also Pareja and/or Carrico. They might be slow, but both are more experienced than Lenglet and perhaps harder fighters. Kjaer didn’t play bad, but the first goal was a bit on him, let’s say he made it up with the equalizer. Then again expected much more from Escudero, maybe Carole would’ve been a better solution as Escudero was focused too much in the attack etc. etc. too many if’s and maybe’s, not good.

Well I didn’t watch the match but both sides had similar numbers of shots on target so it wasn’t too one-sided on paper. But the lack of squad preparation is coming back to bite us, a lack of cb cover and dm cover is really hurting us, Kjaer was injured in the last match so being somewhat sluggish can be understood, Lenglet is 22 and needs more work, again any older seasoned heads would be wonderful but starting Mercado along with Kjaer sounds worse.

As for DM, like the team itself I’ve got nothing, Pizarro has played his whole career in the Americas and won’t but up to running his socks off twice a week, Banega can be good but can’t play on both sides of the pitch, MKD is old and only played at the end of last season … alright I’m not going to find any excuses but he should have contributed more. I thought Geis was drafted in for these situations? He’s the only guy left for such occasions unless you want Ganso in, and why wasn’t Carole even in the match squad?

Also, playing a 4-3-3 in an away game is too risky unless you’re Barca and are expected to dominate possession, with this team it’s just asking for trouble. Valencia away has always been tough and given their top form we need to regroup and simply shut down the game for the sake of it, play deep and let muriel/navas/nolito run around and aim for a draw. Oh and bench Rico if he’s playing that badly, Soria has always been dependable.

To put things into perspective, suffering our worst defeat in European Competition in the last 60 years with the most expensive squad assembled is just ugh.