Spain v England

Today being a little bored and with no Liga football to watch I decided to have a look at the Spanish football federation site to see if there were any tickets for this game on Monday night.
There were plenty of tickets left so I have spent 55€ on one.
Be a shame not to really as it’s being played locally at the Benito Villamarín . Plus I have never been to the home of our city rivals so I can tick off another Spanish ground.

The big question is, after living here for 15yrs who do I support?


There aren’t any Sevilla players in the current NT, so i say you root for your 3 Lions.

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Brian, I support Spain against even my old country and in every sport.

But do be careful in that horrid smelly stadium that I refuse to name.

Actually there have been two legendary victories for Spain in that stadium, in one, Spain had to score 11 goals to qualify for the Euro 84, interesting read …

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Have fun at the game and piss on Betis! haha

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It’s 0-2 to England at 31 minutes, two counter attacks that have produced goals, but it has been Spain dictating the game, still in with a chance. Thiago playing some excellent moves in the centre, but Spain are missing Isco.

Big crowd despite the bad weather, mostly Betis fans going to see Bartra and Danny Ceballos who are still on the bench, I still believe Spain might turn it round.

… 0-3 as I type, maybe not.

Well! What a shit hole of a stadium. That was my first and probably last visit.

We arrived about 40mins before kick off to be met by massive queues at our gate and a total lack of organisation in getting people through the turnstiles and into the ground. We finally made it inside as the players were entering the field and started the search for our seats, there were no stewards or security staff to direct us to the correct section, there were no row numbers on any of the aisles and hundreds of other supporters facing the same problem.
We eventually found the right row for our seats 10mins into the game and spent the rest of the time getting dripped on by the leaking roof over our heads.
There were still people entering the stadium 30mins into the first half and wandering around looking for their seats, it was a complete shambles.
At the final whistle it took us around half an hour to escape.

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