Sevilla vs Villareal

Love waking up at 630 am to watch more of the same goalless Sevilla. WBY with the double yellow and a red for bitching at the ref. We have more red cards than goals combined in the last 3 games lol.

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Nice goal by Bacca just to rub it in. Reminding us how a finishing strike looks like.

This whole damn team needed to be replaced including Montella and Arias.

Can we just sack Montella already? Are we waiting for season to end or something? I’d rather give the new coach some experience and get him ready for (hopefully) early qualifying for Europa in the summer

If Montella started from the beginning of the season, I think we will be like Valencia under Gary Neville.

I gotta give the slightest bit of credit to the ref for being horrendous, but no excuses really. Didn’t even watch the PK just now figuring it would get blocked and it did

And then we make it look so easy off a set piece. Where has that been?

Most disgraceful showing in a long time. And that’s saying something this year. I’d fire Montella the second the whistle blows.

Wait guys we found the key to success! Neither WBY or Muriel = Goals lol


Why doesn’t N’Zonzi blast it more like that from long distance?

Nolito isn’t the answer to our problems, but he’s moved more in 15 mins than Mudo has all match


I moved more than Mudo from walking my dog at halftime.


Someone should just injure Messi early (I nominate Muriel or Mudo) in the CR final and get a red card for it so we play with 10 men so we have a chance

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Just finished the tape delay. Honest to god i was gonna turn it off after WBY got the red. This was just type of wake up call we needed before the Copa final. Will our forward line bring that same energy? I doubt it cause Mudo will be in the lineup.

As for this game, it just proves once again how bad Spanish refs can be. How are we supposed to trust these guys with VAR next year? Usual bad refereeing aside, I always love seeing our guys fight like they did in that last 15 minutes. I won’t say that they lacked this intensity in the Bayern game however, cause they simply went up against tougher opposition.

Also, it was nice to see a Roque Mesa cameo. He’s become the new Ganso.

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Also, that goal is probably what’s gonna seal Nzonzi’s transfer in the summer. :s

And who is going to play upfront on Tuesday?
Muriel subbed due to an inflamed toe problem and Sandro suffering muscle overload problems, of course Ben Yedder is unavailable too.:open_mouth:


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10 v 11 without Messi, could help, but Barca have their referee Gil Manzano.

Lost for words with Sevilla but hopeful for Roque Mesa (in a previous game he looked out of his depth defending in a physical game) because going forward he’s got that first touch pass that can kick start a dynamic move and make Sevilla less plodding and predictable.

I’ll just add that both Sarabia and Banega were stone cold penalties, but the yellow card for Banega was taking the piss.

As for who plays upfront without Sandro, Ben Yedder or Muriel, I think that Correa or Nolito can do a decent job.

Sarabia and Muriel are in the list for Deportivo as is Fernandez.