Sevilla vs Valencia (10-03-2018) - Match Thread

Hello, guys! Here is the squad list for the game against Valencia:

I hope we get a good result, it’s a very important match! VAMOS MI SEVILLA! :muscle:

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As I was writing up a preview for the game earlier (unfortunately due to work and family commitments I ran out of time to complete), I had a look through the table and a pattern became clear… that of the number 8

8 points between leaders Barcelona and 2nd place Atletico Madrid
8 points between 4th placed Valencia and Atletico Madrid
8 points between Valencia and 5th placed Sevilla (this is why tomorrow is massive for us)
8 points between Sevilla and Real Betis (our next game away to them will no doubt be decisive)
8 points between bottom club Malaga and 17th place – i.e safety

Going into round 28, with 11 games and 33 points up for grabs it is really all to play for in all areas of the table… although that could change quickly as games are running out fast! We must win against Valencia tomorrow, as if we fall 11 points behind them it would take an absolute miracle to overcome the deficit.

The other problem is we play Manchester United on TUESDAY which only gives us Sunday and Monday to recover and prepare, and with Montella unlikely to rotate the first XI we will have to put on two of the most outstanding displays of strength and character in Sevilla’s history if we are to declare victory come Wednesday morning.

No Roque Mesa in the squad and no injury… make of that what you will.


2 big games coming up! This is our last chance to try make top 4! We have to beat Valencia today to stand half a chance! Vamos Sevilla!


The big question, pre-game, is would you swap a poor result today for victory against Manchester. There are those who feel we’re already out of Champions (though it will still be important to battle for points).

If Montella decides against his normal stongest 11 available, and he has been consistent with that method (apart from Eibar, ouch). If the surprise changes happen again it might suggest ‘word from above’, in other words the president, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Montella should be careful because he’s on a roll, but his results with Sevilla have been checkered so far.

With Navas I feel it’s a mixed blessing, not that he hasn’t been exceptional in the new role, but he still needs to learn more, in the penalty box his arms flap like an albatross, already it’s been one penalty and two or more close shaves. If he doesn’t learn to tuck them in then players will be chipping the ball towards him around waist height.

My nephew went to the auditions for the Cup Final promotional video yesterday, they plan to ask youngsters their memories of previous cup finals. Good luck with that.

As for the Manchester game, it’s a case of two teams that are out of sorts and playing a bit below their level. What chances that the referee will be most decisive. We need to go through to the next phase for the club’s prestige and the players confidence.

I have to say though, that while Champions is a very serious competition and big money, with the usual names dominating (Juventus Madrid and Barcelona) the uefa liga is a fun and exciting competition and in some ways much more enjoyable.

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Nolito over Correa is the only slightly surprising name in the starting 11.

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Disappointing from our captain defending Rodrigo. The ref missed or ignored Lenglet getting headlocked and dragged down in the box. :frowning:

Muriel has to lead the league in posts hit right?

This fucking ref man. 3 Yellows on Sevilla in the first half.

What more than a year without a loss at the RSP and Montella comes in and drops 3. Not acceptable.

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Officially over for 4th. Montella or/and Oscar Arias will be sacked.
Del Nido replacing Castro won’t be bad.

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The positive side: we didn’t concede 5!

RSP used to be a fortress, but nowadays it is resembling Ceramica of Villarreal… or worse!

We don’t deserve CL football for the next season anyway. Hopefully we at least, somehow manage to eliminate Man Utd and go through to the quarters for the first time in the club’s history. That would at least be something to remember from this season, beside the cup final which still doesn’t feel good when deep down every Sevillista knows that we almost stand no chance with Barca and Messi on a serious night.

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The team has potential, but definitely a lot of changes are needed. Conceding 5 as a hobby and losing at RSP frequently is not what Sevilla is made of.

It’s good to recoup and start from EL next season.


Whoever in the board thought Montella is a good coach are really god damn genius.

Bah, what a frustrating match. I don’t think we played bad, to be honest, but Valencia absolutely killed us in the counterattacks. Bye bye to Champions League, I guess…
Undoubtedly, our most important goal until the end of this season will be to try to at least maintain the fifth position.

I know, right? This season is being so weird… :sweat:

As said before, working your ass off for possession and then spilling it is a dead end street. It can’t work in the long term.

Girona have just won their last six home games, and their last away game too, with some real average players.


Anyway, we’ll have to get up and focus on the second leg against Manchester United. Vamos mi Sevilla, échale huevos! :muscle:


I was speaking with 2 Milan fans today, 1 on twitter and another via twitter dm, and both said he has no man management or real game plan and relies on the players abilities to carry him through games. Also 1 said to me if you question him you are as good as gone, and Bacca was 1 who questioned his abilities and questionable decion making for attacking formation and tactics. We all know Bacca and can guess what happened now…
For me he wasn’t the man to take us forward, I would be on the phone to Marco Silva and tell him not to take any jobs!