Sevilla vs Slavia Prague: UEL Round of 16 (1st leg)

Probably the only good thing going for us is our Europa League campaign. We dealt with an underperforming Lazio side last round, and are now matched up against the Czech league leaders in Slavia Prague. The draw could have been far worse, but doesn’t mean this won’t pose as a challenge. Seeing how poor our form is, any team should be relishing a match against us. The caveat though is that the Europa League & the RSP have a seemingly unbreakable bond.


Lineups will be announced shortly, but the obvious challenge here is the LWB position. Promes has been deputizing there, but it takes him too far away from goal. We’ve seen Wöber capable of filling in, but it’s all a matter of his fitness. Machín’s system seems to punish our fullbacks physically, and the only one we have listed is Navas. Also, will Guilherme Arana ever play a game for us again?

I’m hoping we repeat our efforts from 2016 in that we kill off the tie in the first leg, so a 3-0 or 4-0 would be fine for me. Goals have been hard to come by (Silva is a striker right?), so our complacency may be the opening that Slavia Prague needs. We just might need our dynamic duo in Sarabia & WBY to bail us out again.

¡Vamos mi Sevilla!
¡Lucha por lo que amas!

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And voilà.

Interesting choice. Let’s see if Munir can actually have an impact.

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1-0. 24 seconds in. Wissam Ben Yedder.


damn WBY! :slight_smile:

11’ - Banega with already a yellow card. The man is beyond reckless.

Unlucky redirection ties it up.

One deflected goal for them, and one for us. It’s only fair. Well done Munir. 2-1 Sevilla

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Karma see’s Sevilla go back up 2-1! Munir with a laser strike!

That shit was going in no matter what. What a laser!

and we actually score from a set piece!

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Wober is fucking shit at marking.

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Wöber developing some poor defensive habits. That was his man. We’re tied again at 2-2.


Seriously that fucking guy didn’t even know where the ball went. And Vaclik is hurt too

Vaclik is off and Soriano is on.

Yep; he had no clue he scored. Terrible marking

Banega looks like he has a shiner.

2 away goals is brutal. Need Mesa or Mudo IMO. And take off Wober.

hell maybe promes for wober.

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