Sevilla vs Girona: Week 16

Machín v his old side. Portu & Stuani are a scary pair, so i’m worried for our defence, especially with Mesa in front of them. But I believe in our own strikeforce. WBY got a brace last match, so more of the same please.

The starting XI goes like this:

Carriço - Kjær - Gómez
Navas - Sarabia - Mesa - Banega - Escudero
WBY - André Silva

Navas returns, so we finally have our starting fullbacks since Matchday 2(?). This should be a good one. Who else is up early in the western world watching this?

Either way… VAMOS MUCHACHOS!¡!

Roque lookin good

Mesa played great. Probs was our best player. This is a tough match, not much in it! However, we have went close to scoring. We can win this but we must beware of the threat of Stuani and portu.

We can get the win here, as we tend to come on strong in the 2nd half especially at home. Vamos!


We can win this one… though we need to be careful with their counters, especially from the flanks

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Lets’ get another for more GD

Vamos! A great 2nd half. We totally dominated and 2 goals to boot! Another clean sheet at home as well.

Only disappointment was banega and sarabia picking up 5th bookings to rule them out of away game at Leganes. However, we have the cover, vazquez for banega and also have promes or Arana for sarabia. Plus probably prefer them out of that match than the huge home match against Atletico Madrid to kick off 2019.

We have a weeks rest now and we had an amazing 1st half of the season. We currently joint top of La Liga, through in Europe and also through in cup!

Let’s hope we can round off 2018 in style with a win at Leganes! Vamos!


Important 3 points. A pity that one of Mesa, WBY or Silva didn’t score as they worked quite hard throughout the match, but what’s worse is that both our goalscorers won’t be available in the last match of the year away vs. Leganes due to 5 yellows suspension. They got booked intentionally and I really don’t understand it, especially from Sarabia - is he tired or what?

We’re seriously in for the top 4 position, we have an important match next weekend and yet they get booked so that they can extend the holidays… what a shame really.

Anyway, it was a great display today, the second goal was pure class… orgasmic!


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If Mesa plays like this and with Mudo returning we might have a chance, but Machin would still need to experiment with Promes and Navas because of Sarabia’s absence.

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Easy 2nd half, maybe Machin just knows Girona too well.
Banega and Sarabia clearly don’t want to miss the Atletico match, with 1 more bonus week holiday for them.
But it would be a shame to look down Leganes and lose points.

And i think Promes may not have chances to show his full potential this season.
Promes is bought for 3421, ideally competing for the 2 AM spot with Sarabia and Vazquez. But then neither WBY and Silva are suitable as the sole striker.

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I’m still confident we have the squad to cope without a couple of key players and still win at Leganes. We have navas back and we have silva and Ben Yedder both up front.

Vázquez will be back and we should still have enough with a clear week to go to Leganes and win!

We close to January window, so we just need to play a few more games then hopefully the squad will be strengthened even more! Vamos! :slight_smile:

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I think Banega and Sarabia provoked their yellow cards to miss next game.

Silva was different class, his touch and control, pass and vision, he offers so much connection with WBY and Sarabia, he really doesn’t need to score many.

Wobbly table played well, what on earth could have happened? Apart from still shooting too high, the rest of his game was top notch. Could it be that without Mudo he can fill more roles?

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Rather they miss Leganes than Atleti, Athletic, or Madrid, which are the next 3 league matches. Though I have no clue what that midfield will look like. Mudo + Mesa + who. Amadou if we want to be super defensive. Nolito if we can find out where we misplaced him at since hasn’t played in months. Can Promes play there?

Excellent game by Roque Mesa today, just a shame he didn’t get his name on the score sheet. The fans even gave his name a few chants for the first time.
This team seems to be improving week on week, almost half way through the season and we’re joint 2nd and I would not have bet anyone’s money on that before the start.

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Really good article about Sarabia and WBY


Just read this. Graham is as good as they come and he is spot on about this team and Sarabia. Why isn’t the deal getting done?