Sevilla vs Bilbao - 03-03-2018

Wow - first half is probably the best we have looked all season. Mudo was on fire today!


You beat me to it. The first half was definitely our best performance of the season so far.

Bilbao is not an easy team to win against, so we’ve claimed 3 very important points, which because of mistakes from Villarreal and Valencia, give us hope for the 4th (hope dies last!). The next one will be a h2h battle with Valencia for the 4th in RSP.


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Nice recovery from Muriel after hitting the post with his header. The biris and atmosphere were awesome in the rain


If only Mudo could shoot harder than a 90yr old woman with arthritis in both knees, he would have had at least a hat-trick today.:thinking:


I’m still disappointed and far from convinced with the football. Tremendous squad that lacks direction. We work our asses off for possession and then immediately spill it with fancy flicks and touches, it’s not joined up thinking, the players combust too much energy too early to achieve a complete game, which ideally is that you grind your opponents into the dirt with your possession and then turn up the pressure when you have them groggy.

Balls flicked on for Muriel to run through, Muriel goes left, flick goes right (Training?). Banega and Vazquez try to play out of a pack of players with one yard passes (ego?)

There are improvements with individual players though, Nolito has definitely stepped up to his best football in the last two games, with his new position, and Muriel is much improved. Mercado is a rock and Nzonzi playing well, Navas was great there until the injury and Corchia is on the point of returning. Even Vazquez, after some of his poorest games, seemed to be motivated and involved yesterday. But Sandro has looked lost in his brief appearances along with Roque Mesa, in previous games.


Agree to some extent Tim, I just feel we need to move the ball forward a lot quicker, our lack of movement to receive the ball in forward areas gives opponents extra time to get back behind the ball and we end up too compact, with only the Correa and Sarabia available once we get near the half way line, but even then they are predictable with 2 opponents closing down, Correa tries his trickery (which sometimes works wonders) but sometimes a simple inside pass and run into the channels is better, Sarabia will cut inside onto his left foot (again which opponents know), and it seems we have to rely on more lack of their concentration than our own ability to break them down, Muriel full of running but many times in the wrong direction unless he’s pressing the back line.
Against Valencia next week we need to be moving the ball out of our own 3rd a lot faster as they will shut & close spaces from us bringing the ball out from the back and are much better getting the ball forward on counter attack, I feel it’s something we need to look at doing also, it’s all a little too safe but can easily be our downfall as we already experienced this year