Sevilla vs Betis

Cool. Goal after 4 minutes from Betis. We look overwhelmed and lost probably because Sandro, Roque Mesa and Nolito shouldn’t be starters. What do these coaches have against WBY even after he scored last week?

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How the fuck is that not a red on Guardado?

Now we’re playing dirty like I wanted us to and they’re not getting near goal. The opening 5 minutes we let them run freely without any fouling and it cost us immediately. We’re awful on the road and this atmosphere was too electric for us to try to go blow for blow with Betis playing their style.

Sergio Leon is worse than fuckin Ceballos with the acting

Sarabia needs to be subbed ASAP. He’s on a yellow and playing horribly which is gonna lead him to getting another yellow out of frustration

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Caparros is doing this free of charge (4 matches agreement) so it’d be harsh to criticize him at this point. However, I really wonder why he hasn’t started the same line-up or at least the same strategy as vs. RM on mid-week.

We had 2 strikers vs. RM and then dramatically change the strategy to no strikers? The players are not robots and it’s not Playstation/XBOX.

Hopefully we can at least get a draw out of this and at least secure the 7th going into the last match (fingers crossed that Atletico beats Getafe, 0-1 at HT so all good so far).

Can’t remember when Sarabia lastly had a decent match :confused:

Betis >>> Hollywood

LMAO most shit goal of the season WBY!!!

Lenglet huge tackle

Kjaer does it again. Puta Betis!

Good job on conceding that pathetic goal (which more or less sums up our season). We were way better than Betis, so instead of winning and fighting for the 6th in the last round (Villarreal hosts RM, you never know what happens), we will now have our first official match 2 months from now.

EL football with a sour taste and our earliest ever start in history (second qualifying round), but still, we should easily reach the play-offs and hopefully it will be a repeat of the 2013-14 season when we started from the 3rd qual. round and ended up winning the trophy.


Play like garbage (including betis) but still get a point.
What come in my mind is I won’t waste my time to watch garbage like this one more time.
If it’s me, i would only keep navas, lenglet, escudero. All others can go.

Their second one was even worse :confused:

Maybe I was too harsh on Caparros considering the circumstances but still hard to understand the reasoning behind starting Sandro today instead of WBY who’s shown a knack for scoring in big games. Still not in love with WBY but he’s one of like 5 players who fights hard and deserves to stay. That being said, hopefully we can sell Muriel and use that money to sign a first choice striker so WBY can come on as a super sub like Gameiro used to do. Not ideal to start the season so early, but could be nice if there’s going to be a big squad turnover and a new coach so we can experiment in those games instead of the opening liga fixtures. Shame we couldn’t go into next week with a chance at 6th but also nice to officially be done with this weird ass season when we were worried about qualifying at all just a couple games ago. Vamos mi Sevilla.

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Just watched a replay and that was a horrible game! Intense but skill were poor from both sides…

Was Betis first goal offside? I think it was… just.

Anyway we are in Europa for next season… kinda wish we wernt going to be a long year with the extra games to qualify and the world cup. However it is our competition and anything can happen when we are in the Europa league.

Need a big off season clean out starting the day after our final game and hopefully we can hit the ground running with our warm up games in the europa.

For some reason, it is reported that the club has stepped out of the most serious and the ‘next step’ project with Cordon as a sports director and Pellegrini as a coach. Rather we’re opting for Milanetto and some other mediocre crap. Unfortunately, we’ll never be a big club or at least compare to Atletico like this.

Will we ever see this club take a serious step ever in our lifetime?

Vitolo doesn’t even make the bench for the Europa League final. LOL.