Sevilla v Huesca - Week 10

Foolish not putting Promes and Mercado from the start, but the bench is OK without Nilito (sic)

Vamos Sevilla! Let’s do this!

Vidal should’ve started before Arana (always!), though Huesca are weak and we shouldn’t expect any disappointment tonight.

Arana’s been good recently. It’s not broken, so no reason to tinker.

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The weekend could have left Sevilla joint leaders (if we win) but things haven’t worked out. Barca demolished Real Madrid 5-1 leaving Madrid half way down the table. Villarreal played a really stupid game against Alaves losing 2-1 and revealing the stupidity of their manager.who didn’t make changes at the end of the game. Well Alaves won’t finish so high in the table and third place could be Sevilla’s.

Tonight is a banana skin because Huesca know they have to fight for every ball, every minute, every game to avoid the drop. Sevilla full of confidence, but played 90 minutes on Thursday. Careful!!!

Looks offside.

Silva steals WBY’s goal. He better not have been offside because that was definitely going in.

Fucking hell. Offside again. Goddamn VAR.

Sevilla first again. First team to have two VAR’s against in one game

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The game has all the aspects of a fixed game, if we get a point it will be like a victory.

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A shame that both goals got cancelled… the second one was like micrometers away and could’ve easily been awarded as a goal with another bunch of VAR staff.

Anyway, the team has lost a bit of motivation and creativity after the second disallowed goal, so we need to score a ‘real’ goal soon before the match gets more complicated. Huesca already playing dirty and the referee (as almost always in La Liga) is a total douchebag.

We can do this… anything but a win would be a total disappointment against this pathetic Huesca side.


We played well! Very unlucky not to be in front! They were both borderline decisions, maybe our players were just offside but it was touch and go.

Credit to Huesca for making it difficult! However, we can still win this if we keep going and creating chances. Shame we had to make an early change but we still got a couple left with a players who can help us win this game! Vamos! I’m happy overall with the teams performance.


Sarabia with another goal, but that was all WBY. Fantastic effort.


Mudo… how?

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Sarabia again. He’s absolutely incredible this season.

Fantastic give and go with Mudo. We’ve seen that before.

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Great win! We had to be patient tonight but we rewarded for it! 2 great goals by sarabia. Great assists by WBY and Mudo. A great team performance!

Shame we conceded as I felt we deserved a clean sheet but a good goal by them. It’s a big win and we back on track. Up to 3rd and only 2 points behind 1st place Barca. 5 ahead of Real Madrid, which is a lot. Things are looking good so far!

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Decent overall performance, though those disallowed goals took their toll on the players as their motivation dropped a bit, but they came back stronger in the second half. The scoreline should’ve been 4-0 or similar, but luck was on Huesca’s side tonight.

Arana remains the weakest link and I really don’t know why Vidal wasn’t the first choice. Arana’s performance was perhaps passable, but the left side is very weak compared to our right one. Hopefully Escudero will balance things out once he comes back at 100%.

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