Sevilla @ Leganes: Week 17


Mercado - Carriço - Gómez
Navas - Mesa - Vázquez - Escudero
WBY - Silva

No Banega, no Sarabia. Oh, and we’re 1-0 down already.

And we haven’t had the ball at all. Finally had a chance against the counter and f’d it all up.

So with things not looking good, who do you bring off the bench?


Just stick with the same XI no?

I have no idea how to improve this, but Mudo is clearly already on Christmas break. Throw Nolito out there and him and Mesa can run around like chicken’s with their heads cut off for a while.

Weak… nothing’s working so far.

If we want to at least get a draw then Promes should play Sarabia’s role and Mesa should shift back to Amadou’s current position, Amadou out (doesn’t provide anything at all).

Mudo needs to wake up as he’s been quite poor in the first half, lost possession almost all the time.

Leganes are quite disciplined defensively with their 5-3-2 system, so it was always going to be hard. That’s why it was very obvious that we’d miss Banega and Sarabia way too much for this one.

With this team so thin, we’re not even in it for the top 4. The January transfers and planning will make or break the team for the rest of the season.

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I’d go with Promes. Nolito is too much of a liability, can’t stand him nowadays. Muriel… you know.

Like I said last week, it would be dumb to lose points against Leganes because of those planned 5th yellow, and also lose points against atletico.

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Promes on for Navas. Would have preferred taking off a CM and going 4-4-2. Oh well, let’s see.

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Hold up… wtf happened to Mudo?? When did he get a red???

Wondering if Navas is still a bit gimpy? Seems like a wasted sub if not.

Fucking hell Mudo

mudo sent off for something that happened off the pitch at HT Mercado also booked so both miss next game

Well shit - no attacking midfielders for this game. Maybe Lasso will be the hero? I guess the mute wasn’t very muted at half time.

We’ll be better off without those two anyway.

I’m not sure we have won a single header today. We are a very weak team in the air.

Straight swap at CB? What the fuck.

No way we finish with 10

Machin just mailed it in I think with the Mercado sub.

Ahhhh Amadou off the post! So close to stealing a point.