Sevilla FC vs Dudelange Postgame Thoughts - 10-24-2019


I was a bit late with putting the audio together which is why it took a bit longer to come out. If it was too lengthy, it’s cause i couldn’t shut up about Dabbur. Our boy finally started!

Thanks again @ChrisLail!


Munir is lacking confidence after realising he is now a bench and Euro liga player, same with Dabbur.

Bryan needs to play more, but didn’t seem to fit in with the lineup, hence the wing switch. Pozo made one disappointing cross but was otherwise OK, very enterprising and creative but without actually creating anything that came to fruition, great centre for a Vazquez header that brought a great save by Dudelange goalkeeper.

Escudero looked very lively and got forward into unexpected positions to the extent that he was getting in the way of Dabuur and DeJong.

For sure, Vazquez was in a different position and role, could have had a hat-trick but it raises questions about how the team operates if midfielders are going to be scoring 90% of the goals.

Dabbur will become a real asset if allowed to play.
Oliver was good but less impressive than his game last weekend, probably suffered for not having Jordan alongside.

I can’t say the team is impressing much though, we’ve never been 100% convincing in any game so far. Wasted a lot of first half chances and if DeJong is to be first choice striker then he should have been rested last night, after playing the internationals last week and for Sevilla at the weekend.


I think he has lost that title for now.

Did Bono have anything to do or is it 2 games played, 0 saves to make so far? :sweat_smile: