Sevilla Atlético and Sevilla Academy News

well I guess the morale at both camps is down in the dumps, the injury crisis in the 1st team would hamper any possible reinforcements to the SA team even if it were allowed. I would like to give Fede San Emeretino a bench place, guy places DM and is said to be pretty fierce in his tackles.

How on earth did they beat 3rd place Granada today… in Los Carmenes?

Good job. Hopefully they will avoid relegation this season. Watched the highlights of the last 3 matches (draws) and Carmona is doing pretty good as it seems at RB. He played at RW today, so a more attacking role… interesting.

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I watched it, expecting a massacre, Sevilla Atletico had 7 players out with international duties and injuries, they still managed to put a decent team out and play some good football but Granada let them off the hook a little.

So there’s hope they can pull it round.

They usually fail because of their inexperience, they are too headstrong being a youth team amongst some very experienced well travelled players in the second.

The Spanish national team are looking like favourites to win in Russia 2018, some great youngsters in their team, I think the danger is old men, Pique and Ramos. Vitolo was poor, couldn’t keep possession for 2 seconds.

Vitolo has been doomed since leaving Sevilla. I doubt he will come back to his peak form with Atletico as a replacement for Griezmann.

An away loss to Gimnastic, it’s not too disheartening as we are on 13 points and relative safety is only 7 points away. To put things into perspective Barcelona B is on 20 points too.

An interesting fact that I just discovered, didn’t know before, did anyone know?

Carlos Marchena, who was a Sevilla player in his beginnings, but later became Valencia’s legend, is currently the coach of Sevilla C since June this year.

During his reign so far, Sevilla C is in a good way to join Segunda B (third tier), not sure though if they’re allowed to do so as it might mean a conflict of interest if Sevilla Atletico gets relegated.

They are currently at the 3rd position with 33 points and out of 19 matches played, they achieved 9 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, scoring 34 goals (the most in that league group) and conceding 24 (the most in top 8 of that group), however, still a good goal difference at +10.

Good job Marchena!

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Someone asked if Sevilla players could play for Sevilla Atletico, well yes. To play for SAT players must be under 23 but in case of shortage of available players for injury etc, any Sevilla FC play under age 25 is allowed to play for them.


Well that puts Lasso out of contention then, but it’s nice to let Carlos Fernandez, Gual and Carmona some run out, hopefully they get to feature in the first team every now and then.

How many matches does this team need to lose for Tevenet to be sacked?

Total lack of proper management for the B side, which is very important. We haven’t produced any player worth a first team spot in years, very worrying.

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The mini derbi is tomorrow morning.

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Iván Romero scoring a nice goal for Tenerife. Hope he can convince more and make his mark there.

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:poop: winning 1-0 at HT Juan Cruz goal direct from a free kick.

Final score 1-0. :poop: were the better side, Flores made quite a few good saves, Sat not much of a threat up front Just like we are used to with Sevilla :cry:

This is a worrying trend.

Sevilla Atletico rock bottom of the fourth tier. Not great for the club as a whole.


What’s the deal here? No way this club should be that far down. Not a great look for the future. 1 win out of 7!

Our southside rivals are sitting in third place in the same division.

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Not sure. I looked at the squad on the official site earlier and no way with the played SAT have should they be where they are.

They fired the manager Acejo today, so there you go.


Was just about to comment on the same. Hopefully they’ll also start climbing the table. 4th division cantera for Sevilla makes no sense and makes it that much harder to fulfill the canterano slots in the future


New Football Manager 2023 database shows:
- Nianzou rated 2nd best centre back under 21.
- Kike Salas expected to become decent on first league level.
- Jose Angel Carmone rated 6th best right back under 21.
- Iker Villar expexted to become above avarage on first league level.

But anyone knows anything about Iker Villar? Is he really something to look forward to?


Highly rated but I’m pretty sure he is very young. Like about 15/16 years old.

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