Real Madrid vs Sevilla FC (12-09-2017 Game) Pregame Chat

Thought I would get this one started early. Real has lots of issues with suspensions and injuries heading into this battle for fourth place in La Liga.

Who’s all out for Real?

Did I miss anyone?

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This might be our best chance to record another big win at the bernabeu. Real are weakened with injuries/suspensions and loss of form from a few of their key players, they not in top form at the moment.

We have almost a full squad available. The return of Kjaer is huge. Got a settled back 4 again. We still missing pareja and Carrico but bar that we have everyone present. Nzonzi has gone out squuad as it looks Certain we selling him in January.

Our form has been up and down. We had great spells and not so good spells. It appears we are a 2nd half team. We sometimes start slow in games but have a habit of coming strong late in games. Therefore if we can hang in early at Real then could go on to either win or draw this big game.

We have big chance and our form and morale is quite high at present. Let’s expose the nerves at Real Madrid! Vamos!


The possibility that we can damage them on Saturday is very high. Of course, they will have the 12th man (the referee, not the fans), but we definitely can get a positive result out of this.

Would be extremely happy with a draw and being tied on with or having more points than RM in round 15, simply marvelous!

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I dunno about y’all, but I’m not so confident about our upcoming game at the Bernabeu. I know we’re still adjusting to Berizzo’s tactics, and now life without Nzonzi. But that Maribor result showed me how far behind we are from our best. We got a draw from a lucky Ganso goal, and didn’t produce much else. Perhaps the boys knew they were already thru and just wanted to get out of a cold ass Slovenian tundra and already had their minds set on the big match Saturday.

A few things bother me :
• Nolito vs Correa — this to me is WBY vs Muriel part 2, where no one is making a case to be the starter. Nolito is showing signs of improvement, but still far from his best.
• the #10 role — with Banega playmaking from deep, someone needs to pick up the mantle, whether it’s Vázquez, Ganso or MKD. None of these guys are consistent. In Ganso’s case, he hasn’t been given enough gametime, but it’s up to him to prove himself in training.
• switch to front-2? — last season we noticed that Ben Yedder and Vietto played better when partnered up. What if it’s the case again this season? There’s a 4-4-2 trend going on and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to experiment with that formation. Besides, both WBY & Muriel didn’t often play as lone strikers at their previous clubs. Wouldn’t be “striking” to me if this is the source of their troubles. 4-2-3-1 is a varied 4-4-2 anyway. But if the mediapunta isn’t producing, what’s the point?


I know it’s unlikely but does anyone have a link for the match today? Thanks

I’m not at all happy with our style of play this season, it seems to have got worse as the season goes by.

Sure, we have had some good results and comebacks but we don’t seem to have any sense of urgency until we go behind.

I don’t think Real Madrid’s weakened defence will have any impact on the game unless we go all out for them. After saying all that, I think we might win today.

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I agree Tim. Those absences are a bit overblown for me. They still have the Sevilla-killer in Ronaldo, and the world’s most complete midfielders in Kroos & Modric. Nacho is competent enough to lead the backline.

But fxxk all that! I need Muriel to find the net today, or at least hit the target for god sake! I need Vázquez to step it up and make use of Banega’s crafting in midfield. I want to see Navas torture Marcelo on that flank cause he should own that matchup. I need Nolito to constantly keep his defender guessing, and avoid being one-dimensional. I need Pizarro & Lenglet to stay disciplined, especially with how referees officiate at the Bernabéu. Mercado, i’m always expecting dirty play from you, but i know there’s always fight in you. I’m gonna need Rico to have one of THOSE showings.

With all that said, can we just see some good La Liga football? PLS don’t ruin the game ref!

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Muriel we incurr at least 2 of the first 3 offsides, he’s almost as bad as Immobile for that. But he’s got a lot of ability he hasn’t shown yet, according to the youtube vids :astonished:

Escudero was saying that Sevilla have tactics to null out Madrid, Don’t think he realised he’d not be ihe starting 11.

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A stream for the game! live stream link 1, if anyone wants. It’s working and got full game :slight_smile:

Shape is all off so far. What the f was that?

nice assist by muriel

What the fuck, Muriel?

Time to throw in the towel

Have you not watched the last how many ever games? haha

Lenglet has played well so far

Maybe now?

you were saying Chris?

Real Madrid haven’t even got out of 3rd gear , got a reserve defence and we are getting slaughtered
I’m turning thr tv off :disappointed_relieved::frowning_face:

4 - 0.
A result that reflect how good we are.
Shit (corchia, carol, mercado) & mediocre (escudero) side back, overwhelmed attacker.
Mediocre coach.

Welp time to watch something else for sure. :frowning: Have a good week Monchi’s Men.