Questions For Sevilla Brass

Hey guys. I might have a chance to chat with some of the Sevilla communications and marketing department while I am in Dallas and Boston. What type of questions would you like answered regarding those two departments as it relates to you in your countries? What challenges do you face regarding accessing Sevilla content and games? Do you have any suggestions on how to better promote the Sevilla brand?

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Why are some Sevilla content blocked in the UK, such as the friendly against Reading?


One suggestion is to put English subtitles to videos they put up on YouTube, Twitter, Website etc like presentations, post game interviews and stuff like that. Would make it much easier to follow the club and bring people who doesn’t understand Spanish closer to the team.


Communications and Marketing hmm, well they could try spreading their reach to Asian markets, only a select few have ever heard of the team and the majority of those who do regard us as bottom-dwellers.

They could also try to mirror the amount of media content that EPL clubs churn out, I know it requires a ton of resources and manpower but even a slight difference would go to great lengths, an excellent start would be adding English subtitles like Sami has mentioned, great point.

Another thing that could be done is more aimed at La Liga, their official Youtube account does upload match highlights but they are pathetically short, with only a few breaking the 2 minute barrier. They could put some more effort into editing their stuff and even amateur editors on Youtube can come up with 10-12 minute highlights of EPL games, having La Liga come up with 10 minute ones are a stretch but I would gladly have a 4-5 minutes clip and show the standings of pre and post-match as well as give interviews. A weekly collection of great goals scored would also be welcome.


Depends who owns the television rights and the €€€ they will accept to sell or share with others, it was a friendly in mid-summer there wasn’t much demand. It was further complicated by playing in (tiny) San Juan de la Rinconada instead of Sevilla’s stadium.

But there should be more sharing of rights for the tournaments.:+1:

Sami, they loved this idea. They aren’t sure how to make it work yet, but definitely receptive to it.

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