Pre-Season: vs Hoffenheim

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019
0930 EST / 1530 CET / 2330 AEST


Following the success of the Opel Cup in Mainz, the squad remained in Germany (Bad Schönborn) to prepare for the upcoming friendly against Hoffenheim. This match will conclude the 3rd stage of pre-season, before the team returns to home soil for their final 2 friendlies.

Two more squad members have joined up with the team in Germany. Sergio Rico has returned from injury, while Bryan Gil — who I don’t believe has even had time off — comes back after winning the Euros with the Spain U19 team. Reguilón is the only player who will miss out after injuring his right adductor, and is set to be out for 10 days.

After witnessing Sevilla’s best version under Lopetegui last weekend, much of the same will be expected to see if the team is finally starting to click. Will De Jong have a better showing after Dabbur stole the show last week? And will Pozo impress us once again? Our players haven’t exactly bought into the concept of “friendlies”, so expect another strong showing as these squad numbers are still up for grabs. Keep the winning streak alive!

¡Vamos muchachos!

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Vamos Sevilla! Let’s continue our very strong pre season form!

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Navas - Kjær - Carriço - Escudero
Jordán - Banega
Munir - De Jong - Ocampos

Um… Kjær?! :thinking:

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Looks like our B team or something. Kjaer, Gudelj, Escudero, De Jong are not first-team players. Could add Munir there too.


Yeah that’s not our best team! However, all the players get a chance to get more minutes under their belts and impress! To be honest, we probs should look to sell kjaer. We might get ok money for him and he’s become a weak link for us past season or so.

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Is it just me, or can the Sevilla website not handle the traffic?

I’m watching it on a YouTube stream…

Edit: sorry guys, that was a bad link

Edit2: this is working for me so far

Escudero would be playing anyway as Reguilon is injured. The only real weird selection for me is Kjær, as I imagine most of the squad will see some minutes anyway.

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I was behind on my stream, and as soon as the penalty was called, it lost signal. We were pretty bad in that opening 20-25 minutes. A lot of bad passing and poor marking at the back. Hoffenheim’s width with that back-5 has prevented us from finding the open man on the switch, and has stifled most of our attacks.

I can’t speak on the 2nd part of that 1st half, as i didn’t see any of it. But it stands at 1-1 at halftime.

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Glad we back level! Nice one munir! Only pre season and this not our A team but we still want to build confidence. Hopefully we play better 2nd half!

Just because I seem to have taken a penchant for collecting the team line ups before each game this pre season. :laughing:


Very bad 45 minutes, Vaclic saved two cert goals.

When Ocampos broke down the wing after 10 minutes, and passed across the face of goal, where was De Jong, not even Munir at the far post, or was Ocampos just stupid for passing to nobody? All will be revealed eventually.

Jordan well below his normal activity level. Ocampos is a real bag of tricks, he’ll cause defenders a lot of nightmares this season. De Jong is a big worry.

We seem unable to intercept advancing passes and leave too much space allowing Hofen to look good and pick their passes.


Kjaer was the worst before getting subbed (due to an injury as it seems) but now De Jong gets the prize ‘worst player of the half’. He’s too slow, doesn’t contribute much to the play and sucks in positioning, not sure what to make of him but not a good overall sign so far.

I really like Diego Carlos… damn what a strong solid and aggressive defender, reminds me of Godin a bit, only if he had the header qualities of Godin.

I was worried when we signed him, hoping to be proved wrong, but so far he’s not doing himself any favours.

Any idea who is in the subs bench? Or just everyone? :sweat_smile:


De jong scores! Great for his confidence, vamos! Good turn around!

Or was it Banega! Not got a stream but flash score says de jong, Twitter says Banega haha!

It looks like it is hosted on AWS so they should be able to handle it. Just probably not enough resources dedicated to it.

Was Banega! Vamos!

The Banega goal was nice. Working hard!

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Wouldn’t exactly call it a Golazo though. :rofl::rofl::rofl: