New Features Added: GIF Search, Calendar/Event and Reactions

Happy Celebration GIF by ElevenSportsBE

Probably a damn Iphone bug haha

Android, in my case, but very possible. No joke, the icon has grown progressively smaller over recent weeks. It’s a sign. If it grows with every victory, I’ll let you know and start selling tickets to interested parties.

I swear, Monchi has gotten even smaller. Poor Monchi, he’s about to disappear forever if we don’t save him by believing in this team:

What happens if you delete the bookmark and re-add it?

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Monchi is back. Something must have happened in recent meetings to change his mood. In Monchi we trust.

Either that, or maybe it was deleting/restoring the bookmark, clearing the “app’s” cache, that did it.

Whatever, keep on believing everyone, Monchi needs you. :sevillafc: