More bureaucratic problems for Muriel

Because of some papers that are pending for living in Spain and similar crap, he won’t be able to travel to Sevilla to make it in time for tomorrow’s game, as reported by Orgullo.

This is a shame, considering we are a professional club and not some amateur 5th league club that has freelancers running it while doing 2-3 other jobs.

He also missed 2 friendly matches in the UK because of this documentation thing.

Real Madrid slip up again at home! Yesss!

La liga competitive again, lets go above them later today! Well done levante!

They got rid of James, Morata and Pepep without a significant replacement. It can cost them along the way, but I still think that RM is above all other teams and perhaps level with Barca. They were extremely unlucky today, but Levante defended well and were not scared to hold on to the ball on the latter stages of the match, so kudos to them.

Also, shouldn’t have let Ivi go… he’s a valuable player that could serve as a 3rd striker for us very comfortably. Way better than Carlos Fernandez.

Yeah true Shendm. I think we are just a top striker short of being genuine title contenders and a force in Europe.

We bolstered the rest of our squad. I think we gonna have strong campaign and maybe we can get another striker by January.

Let’s beat Eibar first, play it good to see Liverpool getting thrashed before we play them!

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Their morale will be extremely low, but Mane should be imprisoned for that attempted murder on Ederson… what was that douche thinking raising the foot that high and karate kicking the poor goalie in the face?

There should be a rule that the red card will suspend the player as long as the injured player is out of the field… the only fair treatment in this case.