Monchi's Men Music Thread

So one of my other passions is music. This thread is about that. So:

  • What are you listening to now?
  • What should I be listening to?
  • What music should I know from your country that maybe hasn’t made it out of your country?

We have a wide taste, our music selection is always set to random so tonight it was anything from ZZ Top via Frank Sinatra to the Who, The Stones and then on to pavarotti via Bob Marley & Bob Dylan.:joy:

Our Spanish music collection is very varied we enjoy Paco de Lucia &Camaron del la isla, Fito & Fitipaldis, Estopa, El canto del loco, Amaral, Melindi to name but a few. And my all time Spanish favourites Chambao

Here’s another favourite band of mine Danish, not main stream you may not have heard them before

In other words we enjoy listening to most kinds of music except Rap which in our opinion has the letter C missing from the beginning :roll_eyes:

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Start at halfway through for a good laugh.

The sensational Alex Harvey band, OGWT cerca 1971

A great band Tim, I loved them & still have their album " Tomorrow belongs to me" on vinyl, with the “Tale of the Giant Stone Eater.

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For easy listening, the Band, Winterland 1976, the last waltz concert

The night they drove old dixie down

The full concert is 4 hours with guest appearances by Neil Young, Clapton and the man himself Bob Dylan. I can only find black and white versions on youtube though.

One of my personal favourite singers is Richard Ashcroft, and also love Coldplay, I can listen to every song from both over and over again…

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And this makes me very emotional due to various personal reasons, the song (Oasis), the band who sang it (Cold Play) and Atriana Grande gig where many lost their lifes in Manchester bombing

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The Band was brilliant. There is a good documentary on Levon Helm that I watched a few years ago.

haha I have never heard of this band. I love all the old Brittish shows that were devoted to music. They are so unusual by today’s standards.