Mateu Lahoz

Has been announced as the referee when we play R Madrid next week. We’re doomed.:astonished:


Just in time for Mudo to return from suspension

He screwed us in the Copa 1st leg against them from 2 seasons ago. Made me realize all Liga refs ain’t just bad, it’s the actual standard.

He has screwed us every time. Especially against his beloved R Madrid, he is their 12th man.


well fk, at least I know which side to bet upon for this match.

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You already know! :joy:

They clearly want to win that match, it’s written in the stars already. Add to that the whining from Perez regarding 2 VAR decisions (they were correct, but whiny uncle Perez still considers them wrong and threatened to leave the board of directors of RFEF), it’s a perfect combination for a more or less guaranteed loss on Saturday.

We gonna win regardless.

It’s all part of the Spanish football federations new campaign…

“Save Real Madrid” :grin: