Machin Out - Caparrós In, What's Next?

Will Caparros modify the formation before this weekend’s game? What does the future hold? Will we get Monchi back? Who will manage next season? Should we blow it up and start fresh or utilize the talents we have and modify the formation to take advantage of those talents?


I know that we don’t have the finances of Atletico, but Atletico also was not stable financially in 2011 but they gradually stepped forward and although in debt, created a serious team around a serious coach and installed a strong winner mentality within the team, the fans then responded along.

I wouldn’t like us to be like Atletico in terms of boring football and winning, but if that’s what it takes for us to see our beloved team win a La Liga trophy or a CL in our lifetimes, then be it haha.

I just hope that we make some steps forward and don’t remain stagnant. We love this team too much to see it fall, it will hurt like hell but the love remains.

On a positive note, Navas and Sergi Gomez called up for Spain for their 2 upcoming matches vs. Norway and Malta for the Euro 2020 qualifiers.


I’m surprised by the timing when we have another game in 2 days. I thought we would have done it during the upcoming break. But I suppose it’s not like we are starting a new coach from scratch, Caparros knows the players very well.

Caparrós has always preferred the 4-4-2. It’d be great to see WBY, Sarabia & Promes in this setup. It’ll be a bigger task than last season, with 11 games instead of 4, chasing a CL spot as opposed to the EL.

Finding a manager for next season is hard to say for now. We’ve become the new Valencia in terms of having high expectations. These last few managers weren’t able to lift Sevilla beyond the rest of LaLiga, let alone try to test the big 3. If Monchi arrives, i’m sure he’ll find a suitable manager to build a project around.

CL football will be paramount on whether our big hitters will stay. For me, i feel Sarabia is halfway out the door with the mess that is his contract situation; and Ben Yedder may look for one last big move. If we lose those players, it’s like every other Sevilla summer. We have Dabbur coming in, and the chance to restructure the team to the new manager’s liking.

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Stuck in same old loop again.
Can’t reach 4th, change coach.
some player lose their position under new coach, some get chances under new coach, best example is Kjaer, Ben yedder and Muriel under Montella and Machin.
Let alone the big players change and time to adapt every year.
If the new coach is good enough to reach 3rd or 4th, he leave for bigger club.
At some points Castro has to accept to don’t change coach even only get 5th or 6th.

The better solution is a better chairman. You should fire yourself first, Castro.


Monchi is back !



I can’t find any official confirmation but all Monchi’s roads lead to Sevilla :slight_smile:

From Monchi’s twitter:

“The heart never forgets the place where it left its best beats” :open_mouth:


What the hell does Sarabia need to do to get a call up?


Right?! I just realized that. I thought he’d be the first Sevilla player picked.

Sarabia has had some decent games intertwined with some truly pedestrian ones since the turn of the year, might be a shift in position but whenever he plays with Banega and Mudo they all go ineffective.