M30: Sevilla FC vs Barcelona [2019-20]

Yeah we very careless on the ball. Can’t afford that against Barca at all!

Not a foul

Yeah we playing with fear for sure.

We giving to many cheap free kicks away too.

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Vaclik doesn’t inspire me with any confidence. Defence bails him out. We hanging on here.


Seems everyone’s first move is backward.

Messi should be sent off no? If it was anyone other than Messi, he probably would be off.

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Wow Gonzalez Gonzalez didn’t even give a card to any Barca guy there. F that bullshit.

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Messi is pissed because Carlos and Kounde had his ass in their pockets that first half. Shows frustrating and didn’t get punished. Bullshit.


Typical from the ref. The bias to Barca is unbelievable. No surprise there. Messi absolutely deserved a card.

As for the game it wasn’t pretty to watch. We were hanging on for large periods but I’m proud of the players. They defended very well and frustrated Barca. Messi got frustrated as we did well against him and Barca overall.

Whether we can keep it up for another 45 mins remains to be seen. On the other hand we been disappointing up front. Except the Kounde chance, we have created nothing to trouble them. We have to change that and be more offensive 2nd half. We need to give them more to worry about instead of just trying to hang on for 0-0. Plus we need to take more care in possession but we got better as the half progressed.

We have players on bench who can make a difference. I can understand though why the team and Lopetegui has set up this way. It has worked in this sense of stopping Barca so far.

I just hope we do more going forward in 2nd period as it will give us more of a chance of getting a result. Shame we fighting Barca and the ref though. It’s disgusting the favouritism.

If we can get a draw it would be massive. Vamos mi Sevilla!


Busquets got booked after that skirmish.

They realize this will be a dogfight. Messi knows his teammates need to do better so he’s taking it out on us. Even his little dribbles outside the box aren’t coming off.

Don’t think De Jong is helping up top. Would rather see Munir as CF, and bring in Suso.

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Munir is key right now helping SR in defense, I’d like to see Suso on and Ocampos up top.

Navas in the refs ear at half time in the tunnel.

I missed that.

So Banega on - Torres off?

Damn brilliant by Navas to take it quick and Ocampos has Sevilla’s best chance.

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Unlucky from ocampos. Better attacking from us!

Munir with a shot on goal as well. Looking pretty good so far with Banega on.

Munir has been running his ass off and was vital in defense with some good tackles. Great shift. Hopefully we don’t have a let off with Suso on.