M15: Valencia vs Sevilla FC [20-21]

6 shots, zero on goal. We have seen this before.

Navas scored as did Medel that game.

Hardly seen Koundé in this game, he’s listed but I can’t see him, has he changed the hair again?
EDIT now I see him. hair pinned back.

He has. Back to the rows.

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Bloody heartstopper just before the whistle. Valencia have been on the backfoot but are more dangerous when needed.

Suso provides more threat on the right and helps Navas out, no denying that. Ocampos keeps making wrong decisions - either he runs into a crowd or his passes are a second too late.


Seems like we have watched this game before. Sevilla start well, pump some shots that never challenge the keeper. Then the opponent gets their legs and becomes the more dangerous side as the half goes on.


Well Valencia wrangled a 50-50 in the last 10 minutes of the first half. Almost scored with a counter attack but Bono saved. Sevilla the stronger side but need to connect in the 18 yard zone.

67% possession for Sevilla, but nothing to show for it…as usual.

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Playing well just need that extra bit of luck in front of goal. Please Lopi no silly changes to the midfield this time.
Acuna has been outstanding.


LDJ usually has some great defensive work, midfield combinations and variable striking qualities … but he’s been particularly useless today. So the one substitution that makes most sense right now is YEN. Disappointed with Suso also, leave that wing to Navas he can do it alone.

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Yep YEN I think will cause this defense some havoc. They look slowwwww.

Guedes is a punk - falling down in the box.

called the change right Tim.

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I reckon Suso next for Munir and Ocampos goes to the right side.

I think Munir for Ocampos. Suso looks in this one.

Rakitik Why?

Lopo is out of ideas.

Ocampos Just shoot for gods sake

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That’s when Gudelj comes on !!!

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The one time he should have been selfish.

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Yen… oh dear