I'm thinking of Parking the Blog Site

Hi guys and gals. I’m thinking about parking the Monchi’s Men Blog site since we aren’t really doing any blog articles or match day chat previews any more. It’s costing me about 10 bucks a month to host that and if we aren’t using it, I’d rather just archive it and keep the forum going.

What are your thoughts?

No complaints from me Chris. Bin it, save the $10 a month and use it to have a good night out at the end of the year. :champagne:

Sounds good!

I agree. I’ve rarely gone on the blog since the forum came out.

It served its purpose - time to let it out to pasture

Funny you should post this as I was thinking the same. I will miss writing articles for it, but I rarely get the time anymore anyway. Will it still be available to view in an archived state? or will it just be gone forever?

It will be available for viewing. I’ll just probably convert the WordPress site to HTML so it can still be scanned by webcrawlers and be searchable.