Holy Cow What a Fantastic Article! - How Monchi Does' Monchi

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They trust the quality of the work the scouts do. Monchi has proved, time and again, that Sevilla can sell and buy and emerge stronger at the end of it. Nobody knows the market better than he does; nobody works it better than Sevilla.

It is the club the players find, the environment they come into — one that “obliges them to give their all” — and the way they are nurtured and encouraged and allowed to flourish.

Monchi has seen almost all of the players he has signed over the years leave Sevilla, too. It is the way they have left that tells him why he has been so successful. “How many have left criticizing the club?” he said. “None. Ask Rakitic and Dragutinovic and Daniel and all the others if they are still Sevillistas. They’ll say yes.”

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A good read, thanks for the link.

Finally got a chance to read the full article, really good read and exactly the sort of system I wish Crystal Palace would put into place. Our scouting is nothing short of shambolic and eventually we as a club are going to struggle when we see players like Benteke and Sakho who we paid stupid fees like £30m and £120k per week walk away for free.

Monchi is the man!!!