Granada game tickets

Hi Guys,

Jeff here. Long time lurker, first time poster.
I am probably asking a profoundly silly question but here goes: how do I get tickets for the away game in Granada? Can I buy them through the SFC website, or should I use the Granada page? Or even: should I wait until I’m in Granada and buy them at the ground?

Any information will be gratefully received.

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I’m don’t have all of the answers, but I would advise not waiting as I imagine it is going to be a tough ticket to get being a derby. I’ll ask around today for you if I have the chance.

Thanks vm Chris.

I would advise start looking at the Granada fc web site a couple of weeks before the game. This will be your only chance of buying a ticket. Even then it will be a slim chance that many will be on sale to the general public.The stadium only holds around 23,000 and tickets for this game will be in high demand for home fans.
Granada will only allocate Sevilla a few hundred tickets at most, these will all be snapped up by season ticket holders. I doubt very much that any will be left on general sale through the sevilla site.

Good advice, thanks vm for that Brian. I’m on it:-)