Fifa 2018 - Discussion

Are you going to purchase it? I was quite surprised by the late Sept. release date. I thought they normally released mid to late August?

My Xbox handle if you are up for a game sometime is: WolfpackChris

Will most likely get it, but for PS4 as I’m a PS junkie.

If anyone is up for a match on PS4 when Fifa 18 releases report here.

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So I got the early download two days ago and man is it slow. The career mode is painful during transfer season. They tried to incorporate things from the player career mode into the regular manager career mode and it sucks. I hope they send out a few updates to fix it.

Much slower than 17? Is there any drastic gameplay change?

I will probs get Fifa 18! Will check the review soon

I haven’t played very much, but slide tackling is almost impossible imo.

I’m terrible so far. Can’t defend for shit. Seems much more difficult to play this year; however, I say that every year until I get used to it. Computer is playing much more long balls now.

I also downloaded it a week ago. Very slow and cannot steal the ball from the opponent. Dont know what I am doing wrong. Also Correa 76 rating is so inaccurate

That annoys me to no end. I haven’t played online yet; just against the computer. It was released much later than normal this year too right?

I dont know about the release date. But after aprox 25 online games still cannot defend quick players. I also missed playing with Jesus Navas at the right wing!

I’m online on the PS4 occasionally under the name DrankMoWater. Holla!