Fifa 19 - Who's got it and on what platform?

I got my 10 hour pre-release trial yesterday and played a game. Game play seems pretty close to the previous year. Through ball isn’t as accurate as last year and direct pass seems more accurate.

It’s awesome seeing the RSP in the game, but I wish we had some authentic Sevilla chants. If they are there, I couldn’t make them out yesterday.

Anyway, do you have it yet? What Console/Platform if so and what’s your Username?

I’m WolfpackChris on XboxOne

I got it for PS4 (sn: DrankMoWater).

It feels slower than last year, with passes a bit more accurate, and defensive reactions being more present (ie. blocks, tracking runs.) I love what they did to the tactics with switching formations in-game. Overall, it still feels a bit similar to last year, but games tend to be less determined by pace.

And it seems they focused a bit more on La Liga this year (kinda late) with more stadiums and player faces.

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New modes of play but same graphics (ps4)

But I had to ask my nephew LOL

It is nice to see the RSP in the game. The game play seems a bit more accurate this year with through balls being a little harder to control and direct passing being more important. I’ve never been an over the top guy, so that doesn’t affect my play this season. I have been doing more long goal kicks as they have finally started putting more pressure on the keeper.