Do we really need this season's N'Zonzi?

It goes without saying that he is one of the best players in the team, and therefore deemed very important automatically.

However, without trying to judge the latest situation about a possible confrontation with Berizzo in the first half of the match vs. Liverpool (after being 0-3 down), I think we can all agree that this season’s N’Zonzi is simply not the N’Zonzi we have known since 2016 after his consolidation within the team.

When he plays at his best, he’s a beast hands down, but this season it’s more like he is playing whenever he’s in the mood, rather whenever it is required. Moreover, he has made some fatal mistakes in the beginning of the season, giving away two stupid goals when the team was very compact in defense, or at least the common belief was such.

In the first 6 La Liga matches, we faced: Espanyol, Getafe, Eibar, Girona, Las Palmas and Atletico. In all of these matches, we have only conceded three times, and two out of the three conceded goals were stupid mistakes from N’Zonzi, that could’ve been easily avoided if it wasn’t for the negligence (specifically vs. Espanyol and vs. Atletico).

Then again, he was not in the pitch (injury) when we collapsed and had a catastrophic week, losing 5-1 to Spartak and 4-0 to Valencia, but even when he came back, it wasn’t that the defense got much more help, or it wasn’t that teams that can score couldn’t score against us. The best example, Liverpool. They put 3 past us, with N’Zonzi on the pitch, also, not forgetting the first match vs. Liverpool, where they scored 2, and one of the goals was N’Zonzi’s mistake for not being aware that Salah was going to take the ball out of him. Technically that could’ve been a foul, but still, N’Zonzi’s mistake.

Not going into speculations about the situation with Berizzo, which I still consider as unprofessional from N’Zonzi with whatever the case was. It’s too easy to be angry when 0-3 down, but it takes a lot of fight and courage to get into the pitch in the second half and try to have a remuntada, let alone actually have a remuntada.

Additionally, it is not that he helped us beat the strong teams, as we have lost every match vs. strong sides where he was in, and not that he immensely helped winning against weaker sides, after all, beside Maribor (too weak of a team) and Eibar, we have only narrowly won the other matches and drawn vs. Espanyol.

I was very happy for him that he received the call up from France NT anyway.

To sum up, he has cost us points with stupid mistakes, not contributed much to doing anything vs. strong teams, has had a bad attitude with the coach (as reported at least) and has been very negligent all season long so far in his play, and has continuously requested to leave in many occasions in the summer window, and now very likely to leave in January.

The question is, do we really need N’Zonzi, or better put, do we really need this season’s unmotivated N’Zonzi? My answer is no! Let’s take the 40 million in January (even 35 would do) and get 3 good players to boost up the team before it’s too late.

What do you folks think?

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If we can still get 35 million sure. I’m not so sure the offers are going to be the same. He’s been poor at many points this season. I really like the guy, but I do think he has a little Coutinho attitude going on right now.

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He’s still the second best player in the squad. So yes, we need him. We’d miss him very quickly if he left.

And if you’re bringing in 3 players with the money you sell him for, then you aren’t replacing him. You’re just adding more confusion to an already deep squad that will result in less lineup continuity (with Berizzo’s constant rotating) and tension within the squad from guys who aren’t getting enough minutes.

He wanted to leave in the summer and so far this season you can see by his attitude that it’s been obvious he resents not being allowed to do so. All he’s done is pass backwards or sideways and do as little as possible. You have to give Berizzo credit for having the balls to replace him v Liverpool and then leave him out of the last 2 games.

N’zonzi thought that he was indispensable but he’s been proved wrong. We should accept any offer over 20m and let him go to his beloved premiership to spend his working days freezing his arse off at places like Huddersfield, Burnley and Newcastle.
I want players at Sevilla who really sweat for the shirt, not prima donnas who think they only have to turn up to earn 3m net per year.:frowning_face:

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Agreed 100%. And if what Chris mentioned in the other thread is true according to reports, then who the hell is he to tell the coach if he’s compatible or not with someone else on the pitch?

Now of course, I also think Berizzo should try and experiment with N’Zonzi - Banega at CM/DM, with Mudo up at AM, however, who will make the tackles and chase the players then?

To be honest, Pizarro is doing a very good job, and we can’t have Busquets come and play here just to have a compatible player alongside N’Zonzi because N’Zonzi is unhappy. If he wants better players, he can leave in January, not needed with that attitude.

The fact remains, the one that complained, gave up and sat on the bench, while the other one, stood up and scored the drawing goal and celebrated with the coach, dedicating the goal to him.

The one not compatible with the team is N’Zonzi in this case.

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Heard that he want to play at CDM alone like Busquest, but not in front of Pizarro.

Anyway, Sander Berge will probably replace him next summer.

It’s now Castro and Arias turn to sell him as much as possible.

Not included in the list for tomorrow vs. Depor, no injury or anything, technical decision. Something BIG is going on here and a very high chance he will be leaving in January if this continues, although he is regularly training with the team as reported.

I read that he is training alone - not in team drills.

Yes, correct. Training normally but not with the team and sometimes with the injured ones.

We don’t need a player with a bad attitude, regardless of their talent. The most useless thing is having someone who doesn’t want to play for you. I don’t know how much good this does him for his next employer, but he can fuck off just like Vitolo. We have a tremendous passer in Geis who can take his place.

No wonder this guy got along with Nasri.

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According to quite a few reports in the press this morning, N’Zonzi flew to London last night for talks with Arsenal and Everton

Good. Everton’s offer is around 28 million Euros, quite below the clause, but Arsenal is reported to activate the 40 million clause. Let’s see if the management will be wise and rather sell him to Arsenal for the money, meanwhile get 3 more players in January and reinforce the team.

Brilliant management by Berrizo. He’s been unhappy for a while, not the same since last season. He was a great player for us but now has become a liability and a rotten apple.

It’s best we let him go and move on. I noticed the team morale is better and it’s no surprise we on a better run of results since he went out the team. He had cost us points this season with some lethargic display. Thanks for the memories and some good performances but time to go!

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Yep we usually get good money for players. With 40 million we could get a top striker, top centre back and another top centre mid player.

I think we could do business in Jan and we already have a strong squad but adding to it could help secure top 3-4 in la liga, be a threat in champions league and copa. Could even make us dark horses for the league if we hang in.

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So now it is a a bit clearer after N’Zonzi’s latest statements where he said that his future is away from Sevilla and after December he will leave. Well hold on… there is something that you call a contract, and one must abide to it by law.

Now, we are definitely in need of the money and would perhaps make very good use of the money from a possible sale of N’Zonzi in January.

However, if we were to be strong financially as a club, and have huge pedigree, we would tie N’Zonzi up and sit him in the bench until he decides to come back and play, giving nothing less than 100% every match, or else he’d lose the world cup.

This kind of behavior should not be tolerated from any player wearing the Sevilla shirt. He cost us many points this season, played very sluggishly with no motivation, didn’t sacrifice one bit and went home at HT when the team was down 0-3 in a very important match.

Dear N’Zonzi, thank you for your services since 2015, but your attitude (especially the recent one) doesn’t work in this team’s locker room. ADIOS!

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