Carrico had a surgery.... again?

Bad news is, this guy is becoming very prone to injury.

Good news is, as the article mentioned, “Carriço was injured in an area he has never injured before in a morning session last Monday.”… yaayyy, I guess?

The question is: How will he cope with Kjaer, Lenglet and Pareja for a place with so many surgeries and being very prone to injury.

His contract extension doesn’t make too much sense now, but let’s hope it will turn our for the best of both him as a player and the club.

Those 3 can rotate, with Mercado covering. Just means Corchia will have to play a bigger role.

Sucks for Dani. He was our most consistent player on Emery’s 2nd Europa League winning team, but the injuries have piled on since then.

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Carrico was arguably our most solid CB after he came on loan from Reading and showed why he was captain of Sporting CP, he still is pretty reliable if he can make the pitch but the injures aren’t doing his cause any good. That being said I’d still want him on the squad for leadership and influence, he and pareja are the longest serving members of the squad if we take the youth players out of the equation.

What does worry me is the number of available and reliable centre backs we can call upon. Aside from Carrico who has become extremely injury prone Pareja has only just returned to training and is going to hit 34 in January, while his performances so far indicate he may not age as gracefully as Puyol. We can only really rely on Kjaer and Lenglet, thankfully the former has bedded in pretty well and the latter has been impressive. Other than that it’s Mercado who is favored as the first choice right back and will be 31 before the season ends.

Signing a serviceable backup is a priority in the winter transfer window, the ideal set-up would be a player in each age group (20-23, 24-27, 28-31) and right now we do not have someone in the middle group, hopefully Berrizo is back scouring Celta for Gomez, Fontas or ready to raid Las Palmas for Lemos.

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Carriço is a good solid player but lately the injuries have piled up, what the spanish call ‘made of glass’. He can also play in midfield but he gets turned over for speed in a race for the ball. I don’t think he’ll get back to his best now.

Anyone think that Sampaoli might get the sack if Argentina don’t qualify for the world cup?

He might want to get back but why get him back anyway? Can’t expect him to be more serious and that’s his capability of club managing, go all in until January and then crash afterwards. We don’t need that, rather keep Berizzo as it is.

There’s no way he keeps that job if they don’t qualify.

Well it was his first foray into club management in Europe so I’d give him a pass, his tactics and philosophy are based on Biesla and had some results to show in the South American leagues as well as national teams so I guess he does do pretty well in certain situations. Just needs some tweaking and making adjustments for packed schedules.

But with Messi going god-mode and scoring 3 it’ll be 2018 before Sampaoli actually goes to another club again, and they (indirectly) did it at the expense of Chile.

A poor Carrico can’t catch a break. Very good defender when fit but unfortunately we can’t rely on him now. We definitely need a new CB added to replace.

Wow Chile out. Interesting. Didnt predict that. Sampaoli lives another day thanks to Messi.

Peru would play off with New Zealand?

Now that we got into the WC qualifying topic, hugely surprised that USA is out… they had an easy job vs. Trinidad and Tobago who didn’t have any reason to put an effort, yet USA lost 2-1… quite weird.

Any info on that Chris?

I am interested to hear about what happened to the USA too. Big surprise. As is Chile and the Dutch.

Australia play off with Honduras for a spot. Don’t think we can do it.

Peru very happy to have New Zealand as the opponent for the play off. Falcao went up to Peru’s players to tell them to ease off and pass the ball around so they can go to the playoffs, no need to risk it etc. A bit harsh on Chile, but they shouldn’t have left it for the last match, the same goes to USA.

Peru should cruise past NZL.