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Navas takes Corchia’s place, Nolito goes left, Correa switches to the right.

Sevilla have little apart from the counter attack, defence not looking at all good, Athletic winning all the second balls. Athletic on top although they’re laying down a lot now. Should be Muriel for Ben Yed.

Funny that we wait till after the whistle to show some fighting spirit this game. Battle for 4th in Liga is officially on. Let’s get Champs taken care of now

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Well that really puts a damper on our title hopes. Needed a point. And Kjaer looks to be injured. His leg got stuck in there on that last challenge and looked awkward.

I would be satisfied for 4th place finish this season. Seems like Berizzo can’t improve the attack at all.

Kudos to Bilbao. They played for the win today and fought for every ball. Ziganda also destroyed Berizzo tactically.

We have a coach who cannot make a good use of his resources and relies on luck and miracles.

Mudo, Correa, MKD, Nolito were disastrous. Nolito often looks like he was introduced to football just recently, on a trial or something. How a player can drastically change from someone that Barca was crazy about, to a very average player is beyond me.

There was no logical reason to rest Banega. He didn’t play the second match of Argentina, only the first one vs. Peru. He is receiving the wages from Sevilla, not from Argentina. Messi will play for Barca tonight, and he played in both matches and scored a hattrick. Clearly a good reason to be rested right? But he fights for Barca also, because duty calls him.

Then, how it is logically explainable that WBY gets 90 minutes in this one? WBY is clearly a tap-in player and goes all in vs. weak opponents. Muriel is by far the better striker, yet doesn’t start, or when he starts, he gets some crappy back-up players that he has to do everything himself, like in the last match getting the ball from half of the field and scoring. It’s not a good way to treat a player, he need much more minutes.

Then, what the actual fuck was the sub of Corchia? Navas had to literally go back at the RB position, without posing much threat anymore. Stupid sub is a stupid sub, unless Corchia really had to be subbed due to an injury or similar, which I doubt as he didn’t suggest anything prior to being subbed.

We clearly do not have the components for a top 4 finish this season. Even Sampaoli didn’t make the mistakes that Berizzo is making, sure Sampaoli made a lot of mistakes and even most absurd ones (the penalty taker drama etc.), but not making good use of resources in disposal, he fixed that before mid-October, yet Berizzo can’t fix it.

The referee also managed the match very poorly, as Bilbao players deserved 2-3 reds for only protesting, diving and time-wasting, not to mention the very harsh tackles and countless fouls. They probably wasted around 20-25 minutes of the match, with an extra 5 wasted solely near our corner flag at the end. That was also an inability of our players to get out of that situation and actually do something productive, rather they decided to argue with the incompetent referee also.

A very sour loss, but Bilbao deserved it. A draw would have been a fairer result, but even luck goes with the brave, and can’t rely on luck always or you get punished like today.

We still don’t have a serious coach with a winning mentality. Losing hope on Berizzo day by day.

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Sure I read that Banega picked up a knock on his ankle on duty for Argentina, that’s why he didn’t play today.

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Makes sense then.

Yes, that was a garbage performance, no coherence to the football, I sure wish we could boss these games and control them better. We get the possession but still don’t seem to be in charge.

The second half showed Sevilla were thinking about the Champions league game and Nzonzi might be injured.

Nzonzi reprted to have a sprained ankle and Kjaer has a bruised right shin. Both will have a medical exam in the next few hours, hopefully they will both be fit for Tuesday

Dammit! The last thing we need now is injuries. Hopefully that ankle sprain is not a grade 2 or worse or we won’t see N’Zonzi for a couple of months and he’ll always have issues with the ankle.

Nzonzi out, doesn’t travel to moscow. Kjaer visibly limping in airport but expected to recover for game.

Does Sampaoli secretly manage Valencia?

Did anyone see Betis Valencia 3-6 ?
It was 0-4 in the 70th minute, Betis scored 3 in 6 minutes (3-4) then just as they started to hope, Valencia scored another 2 goals in 5 minutes. Most of goals were outstanding too.

I think we have the best squad ever, but the football doesn’t come up to scratch. They’ve played 8 league games, 2 Champions and 7 pre-season friendlies, it should be coming together now, if it doesn’t then there’s only the manager to blame.

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