Berizzo's Explanation....are you buying it?

So Berizzo said in the post game that he threw the ball away in the first half with Sevilla leading and that it was a mistake and he shouldn’t have done it. He said he through the second ball away with Liverpool up 2-1 to make up for the mistake. He said he explained the reasoning to Klopp but the ref wasn’t buying it. Do you buy it? What do you think of his actions?

Lol… not sure on this particular case, maybe that was true, but Berizzo’s statements seem a bit weird and funny at the same time. Most of the statements are like: “We need to score more than the opponent to win”… like really?

I really liked Emery’s well thought interviews/statements… Sampaoli same weird crap… but hey, as long as Berizzo keeps getting positive results than it won’t matter much at the end.

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His explanation doesn’t make sense. Maybe something lost in translation. It was pointless and stupid, but really, it doesn’t matter.

It was some passive aggressive shit. When he throw the ball his actions were the same as some spoiled brat at a neighborhood game. The moment he was shown the red he started explaining it to the ref and gestured that Somebody (probably Klop) is talking too much and kept making strange (cringe worthy) faces.

His explanation after the game were also passive aggressive and IMO he was insulted by the first warning by the ref and pushed him to see if he will be sent off.