Berizzo Out?

Ramos would be welcome, Blanc would be an upgrade too.

Not sure what Javi Gracia can offer more than Berizzo, seriously. Juande Ramos and especially Laurent Blanc would be something very different, a stepping up on the level of coaches.

Pretty sure though the management will go with the weakest option, Javi Gracia. Fingers crossed that won’t happen!

The decision according to ODN will be taken around 12 PM, but might be postponed for later during the day.

The meeting will now start at 17:00 cet

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I think Berizzo we’re going to say goodbye to Berizzo tonight.

However, who in the right mind would appoint a failure of a coach like Javi Gracia in the helm of a club that needs urgent re-awakening and competes in 3 fronts, two of which very important ones (aiming 4th place in La Liga and CL quarters)?

To have a clearer picture, Gracia’s managerial record so far:

390 matches managed, 162 wins, 95 draws and 133 losses. Most of these statistics have been achieved in Segunda and Tercera division with the likes of Pontevedra, Villarreal B, Cadiz and Almeria. The percentage of the wins in his career so far is 41.54%.

During his two seasons with Malaga in La Liga, he achieved the 9th and 8th positions, and the record goes like this: 84 matches managed, 28 wins, 22 draws and 33 losses. The win percentage at 33.33%.

His recent tenure was as a manager of Rubin Kazan in Russia where he totally failed by achieving nothing more than the 9th place with 13 wins, 8 draws and 13 losses out of 34 total matches managed with the Russians.

Now of course, Emery also failed in Russia and was sacked prior to joining us, but in overall, do we really want Javi Gracia as Berizzo’s replacement? After all, Berizzo has a much better record in La Liga with Celta and managed to send them to the semi’s of EL last season.

Hopefully the management won’t screw this up and actually bring a decent manager as a replacement. This will be a make or break for us.

Why can’t we sign Luis Enrique, Laurent Blanc or even Juande Ramos?

In a poll created by ODN (can be found here:, whether Berizzo should be sacked or not, 82.58% voted for YES while only 17.42% voted for NO.

Ramos burned his bridges. He’s not welcome back.

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In the state that we’re in, we could forgive him maybe. But I would also be against his return if there’s better options aligned.

I mean Blanc is the only one that gets me a little excited.


No news yet after 1 hour

Taking a long time. i think they’ll give him 3 more games, but to me that’s a mistake.

Apparently we’re now looking for a top attacker on loan for the rest of the year.

Twitter is funny. Luis Enrique’s name floated.

It’s now official. Berizzo has been dismissed

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He gone

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The board did the right thing. Now let’s find a decent replacement, make some smart January moves and save the season!


The right thing for him and us

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As if …

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Change was needed. Berizzo seemed average. Better not be an average replacement considering those names.

Laurent Blanc I believe laughed when asked way back when; Juande Ramos, as Jolazo mentioned, burned bridges; and the Luis Enrique pick has to be a joke.

How about Sampaoli guys?:stuck_out_tongue:

Berizzo never convinced in any way, certainly never in his communication with press, nor in his tactics.

How about another Argentinian manager, Marcelo Bielsa, the philosopher. It’s possible.

Blanc is the only name that excites me, Ramos would be a stop gap to see if he can bring the team together. Enrique I’m fine with. I suddenly realized Bilic and Frank De Boer are available after failed stints in the premier league respectively. Not sure if they are up to it but Castro might give them a try.