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YES! Pizarro is having him himself a game!


Banega with a perfect cross and PIzarro with a free header! NOw Nolito on for Sarabia

Geis on for Kjaer :frowning: Our CB’s can’t catch a break this year.

Thank goodness for the international break. We gotta get some guys healthy

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Nolito so not the correct change.
Pizarro +10

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He had a good game - gave some passes away too easily though. Wing players provided nothing today.


And finally after very many games, Messi didn’t score against Sevilla.


Same conclusion. Our front three are useless except tucu.
Same Target, round of 16 and top four finish.

Yup, we were great in the second half, Barcelona finished drained out.

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Pathetic attacking and pathetic conceding. Especially the latter will prevent any team in the world from achieving BIG. Consequently, it will prevent Sevilla from winning La Liga or CL or even getting to a CL final or similar. The pathetic goals that this club has historically conceded has prevented that.

We have been beaten by a way better team, true, but this is why Atletico would draw tonight and we didn’t. This is why we don’t have a true winning mentality that would linger for many seasons. Conceding pathetic goals is a hallmark for non-serious teams.

Just imagine, beside that childish mistake from Escudero, where he had an absolutely catastrophic night in overall and his having a very very bad form recently, we have conceded from Barca through a cross in the box… just imagine that. We have conceded goals from Barca, in a way that they don’t even train for that in their training schemes.

Purely pathetic and we have beaten ourselves more than Barca did.

Pizarro MOTM for us at least. Escudero should be benched for a bit and let Carole play. Sarabia was very bad and so was Muriel, but they are not clear starters anyway.

Sour taste ahead of the international break.

It feels like a morale victory. I’m proud of the team. They played as well as we could. Kept the ball well 2nd half and crechances. We defended well all game and we scored a great tonight.

Pizzaro was immense. Scored a great goal and was strong in defence and his passing was great . Goal keeper and defence did great, except escuderos mistake. We played great and got undone by a quality goal from Barca. We get a rest now and come out recharged for some big home games coming up.

We play like we did last 3-4 games and we will do well this season. We have a nicer run of games now bar Real Madrid away. However, they not at Barca’s level this season so we may have a chance there.

Onwards and upwards, getting in top 4 will be tough but at least we have played all our rivals away. We get them all at home in 2nd half and we can claw it back.

Vamos sevilla!

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Needed WBY’s hold up play today! Let’s just forget wing play and play Banega, Ganso, and Vasquez with a striker.


I remember the Supercopa against Barca that finished 5-4, and what impressed me most was Sergio Rico. Ok, he let in five goals but made some of the most incredible saves, some of them almost impossible. I formed the opinion that we possibly have the best goalkeeper in the world, young but with everything needed to be the best. He arrived in the first team with so much confidence, saving shots with clean catches instead of tipping the ball wide or in other safe zone. Now he’s playing similar to how David Soria performed today.

Both Barca goals were arguably goalkeeping errors, the second a failure to intercept the ball, ceded to the defender, the first, goalkeeper too advanced, leaving Alcacer no work, perhaps it’s a failure of the goalkeeping coach and it has infected both goalkeepers.

But that was our most difficult game of the season, and we almost got a result, and Sevilla grew in the game, learning from the positional and tactical positions and by the end of the game Barcelona were asking the ref to blow time. We are not going to win there but the victory was that we pulled up our socks and compted in the game.

+10 Chris, we need to be in charge of the ball, not the opposing side.

Watching highlights and man there was so many chances. Muriel has to make the keeper make a damn save at least.

Overall not a catastrophic performance against the best team in the world, I feared it could have been a lot worse after the first ten minutes. But in the end I thought Barca were there for the taking during the second half tonight,

In my opinion the game was decided on 2 mistakes. The first was Escudero making an inch perfect pass to Alcacer for their first goal when he should have booted the ball high into the stand.and the 2nd was Muriel missing an open goal from 2yards out.that would have got us level before half-time.

I’m now getting a bit worried that Muriel is maybe turning out to be nothing like the player we thought he was and that Sampadoria can’t believe their luck in getting 20m euros for him. We desperately need to buy/loan a striker who is not afraid to have a shot on sight.

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He clearly is doing good things to get such open shots, but damn he can’t find the net to save his life.

We have lost away to Atletico, Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona. Now 2 more tough team away matches are left, Villarreal and Real Madrid. If we also lose those 2, then we hugely failed the test vs. tough teams, even though they were all away matches of course.

By this projection, I can see us ending 6th or 7th if lucky.

P.S. We’ll also visit Anoeta to face Real Sociedad.