Anyone in Sevilla Know How To Help This Guy?

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Hello everybody! You are maybe my last hope. As a German groundhopper I’m going to Sevilla for the CL match against Moscow with a friend of mine. Unfortunately we had to find out that tickets for this match are really hard to get since there is no internet sale. I am desperate! For months I have been looking forward to that trip and now the club doesnt sell tickets online because they want to keep the Russians out! I’ve already written two emails to the club explaining my situation to them - no response. The problem is, I’m arriving at Sevilla on matchday so I can’t take the chance to get tickets on Tuesday when tickets are liekly to be sold to the public. Please, can anybody help!! I know that tickets are personalized, so I would provide passport copies and stuff… and as a reward I would be paying as many beers as you want! Thank you so much!! Roland

Sorry there is no chance of buying a ticket for this game,
Because spartak fans are banned from this game by uefa, SevillaFC took steps to ensure the stadium will be filled with Sevillistas
All spare tickets were sold to season ticket holders in a promotion whereby season ticket holders were offered the chance buy another ticket for a friend at half price. The “friends” ticket has their name and the subscibers name/number printed on it to prevent any re-sales. There are unfortunately none left for public sale.

Do not be tempted to buy any ticket offered outside the stadium as you will be refused entry. This is what it says on the Sevilla fc site. Translated by google.

The Sevilla FC informs that there are already five subscribers who have been expedited for trying to resell their subscription -one case- or the entry they had acquired at 50% of its price -four cases- , taking advantage of the promotion launched by the club with The goal is for the public to be one hundred percent sevillista in Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán on Wednesday in the clash against Spartak. The sanction for the registered members may result in the suspension of their subscriber status .

Sevilla FC will continue to actively pursue any attempt to resell and remember that for the clash against Spartak has set up a special device in the access to the stadium, with exhaustive controls on the doors to ensure there are no incidents in entering the field. In fact, ticket holders will have to access the Sánchez-Pizjuán exclusively through pre-established doors to favor said access control.

In this regard, it should be noted that the entries that subscribers have acquired 50% are referenced to that same subscriber , whose name appears on it, so that in case of being intervened for improper use will know with certainty the identity of the partner who has resold

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Did he sign it Dimitri or Vladimir?
I couldn’t possibly reveal the source of my tickets in any case.:wink:

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