Antonio Puerta Trophy

The Antonio Puerta Trophy will be played for tonight between Sevilla and Roma. Roma have brought a full squad to Seville. What do you’s think the score will be?

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3-2 Sevilla

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Can be watched in 100 countries apparently but I’ve got some doubts about that, Huri TV based in Sevilla and Madrid are going to syndicate the game to national and cable broadcasters in Europe, Africa, South and North America. I’d never heard of Huri TV, I’ll be interested to find out if they deliver a quality broadcast or it’s just some stream you can pick up on the intenet.

Don’t know about the score, torn between being careful with injuries and pulling out all the stops in the inaugural game, which more importantly should be a tribute to Antonio Puerta plus a display of courage and committment to the fans.

hi guys, hope everyone is well, and looking forward to the new season