A Look Back At Monchi's Men 2021

Monchi’s Men in 2021 continues to grow which is awesome! Thanks to everyone that promotes the forum on social media, has joined and listened to the podcast, posted and commented on the forums. I’m proud to be a member of Monchi’s Men and I’m super proud of what we have built. Now that all the emotional stuff is out of the way, here are the numbers for 2021:

Title 2021 2020
New Users 43 26
New Topics 154 124
Comments 15,200 6,900
Total PageViews 663,000 434,000

Top Topics Clicked From Outside Sources:

Top Search Terms 2021:

  1. Kounde
  2. Navas
  3. Rakitic
  4. Gil
  5. Lamela

The podcast did 46 episodes in 2021! That’s almost one a week. Amazing work by @Edinho and @sterusebn . Thanks to everyone for coming on the podcast and listening. We had our largest audience for episode 18 with 90 listeners. That’s up there with the Monchi Interview episode!

I just can’t express how thankful I am for you all to be a part of this. We have a special group and I love being apart of it.


Many thanks also to you as an admin @ChrisLail, I really appreciate your work and commitment to this forum.
Also I am very happy that we have established such a level of commenting without nonsense remarks. Hope we could grow the community in 2022.
The podcast is really great, so keep up with the good work, I love listening to all of you who participated with this.


Thank you for your podcasts, really, I enjoy them a lot.

I found them about one year ago. I remember I was often listening on headphones while carrying a daughter and trying to make her asleep (often unsuccesfully) :grinning:

So I keep to listen your podcasts and also found this forum which is great too. Basically all the info about the club we can find here. I noticed that I am checking new posts way too often which makes a bit nervous :smiley:

So thank you and keep going :+1:


These are awesome stats to see and hopefully we keep on growing. Love being a part of the forum and hats off to Chris, Edi, and the others who keep it running smoothly.

Would love to go to Seville on a forum trip at some point and watch our boys in action!


Congrats to all who contribute and help to keep it turning over every day, always something interesting to read, and especial thanks to @ChrisLail for doing the work.


It’s been an honor being part of this wonderful community. Thanks to each and everyone of you for making this community so welcoming and social. Extra shout out to those that run this place, it’s managed very well and I wouldn’t want it any other way


It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been a member here for six months or so. It feels like I’ve known y’all forever. Kudos to everyone for creating such a welcoming area for us to hang out!


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