2019-20 La Liga Predictions

I got our 2 top scorers right, my tip for the CDR are in the final and that’s about all

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Basically, both those things. I had one money bet all season, I would never bet on what I feel about football, I only bet when I think the odds are obviously unrealistic. It was Granada v Barcelona, week 4 or 5

I saw 8.5 to 1 for Granada to win at home, against a Barca without Messi, Suarez and other key players. Result 2-1 and I won 85.

As for la liga, I was most surprised by Benzema, thought he simply had to be end of carerer but he’s been savage in front of goal. Modric also had a revitalized season. On the other hand, Marcelo really has reached the end of his career.

I got two of the bottom 4.
Best signing Ocampos (probably)
Worst signing De Jong (subjectively)
And I think Munir was joint top assister

Everything else totally wrong,

Sorry, if Lopes doesn’t get the Worst Signing trophy, we are never doing this again. :slight_smile: